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Landlords: 4 Creative Ways to Use Video to Market Your Properties
Landlords: 4 Creative Ways to Use Video to Market Your Properties

Whether you’re a full-time landlord or a property investor, you’ve probably been using video marketing for a while. Video marketing is essential, but are your techniques effective?

If you don’t have any vacancies and you can’t keep up with the demand of qualified renters beating down your door, then everything you’re doing is enough. However, if you’d like to fill vacancies faster and start attracting better tenants, try incorporating the following elements into your video marketing efforts.

1. Appear in your marketing videos

Whether you create a video tour, a special promotion, or a video designed specifically to help with SEO, make sure you appear in your videos. Otherwise, your videos will look a little too robotic and mechanical.

Some potential buyers just want to see a video tour of potential properties, so don’t make yourself the star of the show. Keep each property the focus of your video tours, but add a quick introduction so people can see your face, hear your voice, and get a feel for your personality. Your personality has marketing power.

Displaying an energetic, positive attitude to your potential leads will contribute to a positive perception of the properties you’re advertising. Studies on the art of persuasion show that you can influence people’s perception by‘priming’ them with positive experiences just prior to showing them the product. How it works is simple: whatever people are shown first influences the way they experience what they’re shown next.

2. Use video on your social media PPC ad landing pages

Whether you’re running PPC ads on Instagram, Facebook, or another social media platform, make sure you embed a video on your landing pages. Even if you’re directing traffic to a simple lead capture form, a video can help prospects on the fence make the decision to sign up.

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For example, property managers from Round Rock, Texas use video to capture attentionnext to their lead capture form. Leads who already know they want to sign up for a free property management analysis will sign up immediately. However, leads who need more information will play the video to learn more. The video itself is designed to “sell” the lead on hiring a property management company by explaining all the benefits.

Remember, not all visitors are committed to signing up for your list or downloading your lead magnet. Some won’t be interested at all and others will need a little push to make the decision. A quick video will help.

3. Own property in a college town? Get testimonials from your student tenants

When you own rental property in a college town, you’ll need to get creative with your marketing strategies in a way that probably wouldn’t work with an older demographic. For example, even though some college students don’t pay their own rent, they’re the ones who will be looking for a place to live.Your marketing has to appeal to the students – not their parents.

College students have a reputation for being big partiers, but many just want peace and quiet. They also want to have friends over when they’re not busy studying. If you can create videos that portray your student housing building as friend-and-study-friendly, you’ll attract more potential tenants.

To make powerful videos that reach your target market, get testimonials from your student tenants and splice them into your property tour videos. That way, potential tenants will see and hear from actual tenants what it’s like living in your building.

4. Test different versions of your video walkthroughs

You’ve seen video walkthroughs with music playing in the background, but is that effective? Would it be better to narrate the walkthrough? Or hire a professional voice actor? You won’t know unless you test all of your options.

Just because everyone seems to like using background music doesn’t mean that’s the best way to make your videos. Experiment with different options and find out what works best by looking at the data.

Video marketing is continually evolving

For the most part, marketing principles don’t change. However, execution strategies change frequently. Fads come and go, and you need to be ready to adapt your strategies when necessary.

While it’s great to be creative, don’t forget to stick to the timeless principles of video marketing. If you’re new to video marketing, check outHubSpot’s ultimate guide to video marketing to brush up on the basics and pick up some helpful tips and tricks.

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