Productivity Tip of the Day: Play
Productivity Tip Of The Day: Play
Productivity Tip Of The Day: Play

I take my daughter Katie to Mommy-Day-Out preschool two days each week. Because there’s an hour and a half gap between dropping my son off at school and her drop-off time, we get to have breakfast and play a bit. Today, she wanted to play with the camera, too. So we did.

What can  you do to play today?

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  • I love it when little girls say hello to the internet! Great post, she is very cute.

  • Holthaus10

    Now come on…some people talk about it and some people experience it. Now go out and play!

  • Jason-
    What a GREAT video!

    I'll give ya a B+…smile, you are playing! We all should have a class on learning the “ART” of play! Here's a video for your homework: Stuart Brown's TED talk on PLAY: (Test on Monday!)

    Tell Katie the “internet” says hello back! She is adorable!!!

  • Ashley S

    She IS adorable! Neat post. I don't have kids…but maybe if I spend a few minutes with my cat and the laser pointer every morning I will up my productivity…I'll let you know!

  • Great post Jason. To me this also speaks to better balance. I know I am more energized for focused work time when I have my family time each day. Thanks for sharing. We do need more play in our days and I have learned to solve many problems simply by playing with my kids.

  • Play based is the good way to go. I have a suggestion for you. This is something I have been doing with my kids for a little while (they are 3 and 5). I pick a word every night and tell them a story that describes the word. They know Daddy will only tell a story if they have a new word. Good times.


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