MicroMarketing Offers Great Case Studies, Advice
MicroMarketing Offers Great Case Studies, Advice
MicroMarketing Offers Great Case Studies, Advice

My friend Greg Verdino’s new book MicroMarketing is out from McGraw Hill. It’s a solid offering full of awesome case studies and practical tips for embracing and understanding the brand-to-consumer role of digital marketing in the social era. I recommend the book to anyone, from n00bs trying to figure out the social space to experienced marketers looking for inspiration and some centering in a world that constantly pulls you in different directions.

Plus, Greg is not just a friend, but someone I’ve worked with before. The guy isn’t a fly-by-night social media guru. He’s a veteran digital marketer and even just “marketer.” His experience and savvy come to bear in great ways for his clients at Powered and I’ve seen that happen first-hand. He’s smart peeps. Buy the book.

McGraw Hill asked me to participate in a chapter-only review thing where they asked several people to review pieces of the book, not just the whole thing. (I’ve read the whole thing, though.) Here’s my take on the book and my chapter (3) specifically:

Greg Verdino is at Powered, can be found on Twitter and on his blog. You can buy the book MicroMarketing from Amazon (affiliate link).

What did you think of the book if you’ve read it? Share in the comments.

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