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The Metaverse is the Future of Social Media
The Metaverse is the Future of Social Media

You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about the metaverse. It is ushering in the age of Web 3.0, where many technologies and social experiences are coming together…including pets? 

Pets in the metaverse allow pet lovers to engage with their furry friends in a virtual world in a variety of ways.  These platforms can be used by people who don’t own pets in real life due to allergies, space limitations, or any other reasons to experience the joy of pet ownership without a physical animal in their space. People with pets can virtualize their animals so that when they are spending time in the metaverse their furry friend can be right with them. There are many platforms already available that allow users to engage in many different activities with their virtual pets. 

Metapets is one of the largest pet metaverse platforms that allows users to design and own digital pets, participate in shows, and even generate revenue from their pets. Virtual pet owners can dress, train, and breed their pets and enjoy the companionship of a pet while avoiding the grief that is caused by the death of a pet. 

Crypto Kitties is a similar platform that allows users to buy,collect, and breed cats. They can collect limited edition Fancy cats, unlock rare cat traits, and earn rewards! Crypto Kitties also lets users play games in the Kittyverse with their furry friends and work with other players to solve puzzles!

Pet metaverse platforms are a great way to have fun in the metaverse with your furry friend. It also allows for people who want pets but can’t have them to enjoy the companionship of an animal without the stress of actually owning a pet. Learn more about pet metaverse platforms and the endless possibilities of the metaverse in the infographic below:

Pets and the Metaverse Infographic

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