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Social Media – A Game Changer for Insurance Industry!
Social Media – A Game Changer for Insurance Industry!

Marketing a product or any kind of service that is NEED of a person rather than a WANT can be the biggest challenge. This is especially applicable for services like insurance policies, as a number of people find it difficult to differentiate between insurance products from different companies. That is why branding is very important for the insurance industry. 

However, in today’s time, people are very busy in their life, which is why most of the people turning to their mobile devices for getting any kind of information before making buying decisions. 

One place they turn is social media. Over the course of the past decade, social media has become an integral part of our lives. With the huge popularity of social media, many insurance companies have also created their presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc. The sole reason that why the majority of the insurers are using social media platform is because improve their market value and taking their business to another level. It helps to build a relationship between consumer & commercial insurance providers. In simple words, the exposure to social media has proved to be very useful for online insurance providers as they can directly advertise, communicate, and connect to their target audience. 

Further, in this article, we will understand that how buying insurance has become easier now because of social media. 


The risk of losing the hard copy of insurance-related documents is no more a problem. With the help of the online system, you can now simply download the copy of an insurance copy from your account whenever you require otherwise keep it safe there. However, it used to be very difficult in earlier days for people to carry the hard copy of required documents of insurance policy all the time. Thankfully, the online procedure has made this process way more simple and hassle-free. 

2-Paperless Process

In this age of the internet, the majority of people prefer buying online insurance rather than buying through any other medium. The reason is very simple and straightforward. There are various web aggregators such as that lets you compare insurance products easily on the basis of their features, benefits, premiums, and then opt for the best one that suits their insurance needs and budget the most. 

In addition to this, they can avail the best offers and discounts as some of the best insurance companies offer amazing deals & great discounts on online insurance products. Through this online procedure, they can not only able to find the best insurance provider but also can avail the affordable deal. Henceforth, it’s a win-win opportunity for the people.

3-Easy & Convenient

From the perspective of the customers, purchasing online insurance is quite easy and convenient for them. Reason being, policy buyers can now see all of the procedures of an insurance policy along with their claim status as well as other requirements. However, in earlier days, it was quite difficult to get all this information. For every single inquiry, policyholders used to visit agents or branches wherever it is allocated. 

4-Social Media Intervention

Social media has played a pivotal role in the insurance sector for insurance companies as well as customers. 

You know, why? 

It has become the most feasible option and easy platform where people can get resolved all of their insurance related queries such as policy renewal, insurance claims, and many others with the utmost ease. Along with that, people can easily compare insurance products as there is a wide range of insurance companies so it might be a daunting task for people to weigh down which insurer is the best. Thus, it has made the whole procedure simple and easy. 

Last but not least, an insurer uses the social media platform to make people aware of several insurance products and offers. In fact, people can create an insurance policy with the help of social media platform and we couldn’t imagine this 10 years ago. Hence, social media has made a significant change in the insurance sector

Final Words

So, keeping all the aforementioned points in mind, we can say that social media has been a game changer for the insurance sector. Not only it provides a great opportunity for the insurance provider to engage with potential customers and promote their business but also helps the customers to make the well-informed decision. Hence, social media has a positive impact on the insurance industry.

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