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Proven Ways to Market Your App On Social Media
Proven Ways to Market Your App On Social Media

Getting an app developed with awesome features is a long, exhausting, and expensive process but marketing of the app could be more difficult and time taking than your imaginations. Your mobile app might be wonderful with a lot of handy options and features, but it will be useless if you are not getting downloads for it. In this era of huge competition, it is very difficult to make people install, use and stay active for a long while. People have thousands of options these days specially where social media tells people what could be useful for them as per their needs and requirements. No doubt, app store optimization (ASO) helps you appear in higher positions in the app stores and increase organic app downloads, but app marketing on social media allows you to reach a wider and sharply targeted audience to maximize the number of downloads for it. 

If you recently have developed an app and want more people to download it, then consider the following social media marketing tips for mobile apps that can help you promote your mobile app on social media channels effectively. 

Quality and Problem-Solving Content is the Key

People use social media sites to be social and they also look for the new information, knowledge and ideas to get things done in a best way. While promoting an app on social media, you should be creating quality and relevant content that educates, informs and entertains the target audience and also tells the way of your app to make things easier for them. Create informative content and let them know that your application offers apt solutions for their issues and problems. Not only for blog posts, but create engaging content for social media platforms as well and also make humorous and engaging video content to keep the audience excited and engaged with your social media profiles to get more downloads for your app.

Use Paid Ads

Paid social media ads are a great way to reach the target audience in a cost-effective way. Organic reach on several social media platforms is almost dead but paid social media ads can do wonders for you to get more users for your app. You can design custom ads and target audience based on various aspects such as location, gender, interests and search behavior etc. In this way, you can get your ads in front of more users to convey your message effectively. However, monitor your social media ad campaigns on regular basis to find out which one is providing more and which one should be stopped to improve ROI rate. 

Influencer Marketing

Trust factor could be one of the reasons people don’t download your app. Building trust over social media is easier when you invest some bucks in influencer marketing. These are the famous persons on social media and their fans see them authentic individuals they can trust. Believe or not, social media influencers can create a lot of buzz around the app when they share it with the audience. So, find out relevant influencers in your niche and avail their services to reach a wider target audience without spending a big part of your marketing budget.

Quora is also a Fertile Option

Yes, Quora is a well-known Q&A platform around the globe and would be the best place to get more downloads for your app. Posting quality content on Quora makes you an authority in your industry while marketing your app. Simply find the questions and queries that you can answer accordingly along with presenting your app as a perfect solution. For instance, if you have developed a time tracking app and want to promote it for more downloads, you should search on Quora for people facing issues with time tracking and propose your app with a convincing statement. They will surely give a try to your app if your app sounds useful to them. 

Run Social Media Contests

Setting up amazing social media contests is another best way to market an app on social media. You can ask the participants to download your app for a monetary prize, incentive or something exciting. However, make your contents simple with easy to follow T&Cs to make more people participate. You can also run paid ads for your contest to reach more target audience. You can also run a contest on your business website and then promote that contest over social media profiles to get more participants. 

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