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Quora launches a new Public Data Program powered by Socialgist
Quora launches a new Public Data Program powered by Socialgist

For the first-time ever, the long sought after data from Quora is now available as they launch their Public Data Program. In an exclusive partnership with data access platform Socialgist, the problem of linking the internet’s largest Q&A site with enterprise platforms is now solved.

Founded in 2009, Quora has a large, engaged audience with over 300 million monthly visitors to the site.  Quora’s audience is high value and high intent, engaging with content across a variety of verticals such as B2B, Finance, Education and more. Additionally, millions of questions and answers are added to Quora every month. Prior to this partnership, Quora’s data was not available in any form for 3rd party use, even though various companies have been interested in this data.

Quora will rely on Socialgist’s infrastructure and services to deliver data products surrounding the millions of public questions and answers take place on the site. The partnership ensures important insights are available to those who seek to more thoroughly understand and engage with Quora’s highly active community.

Our partnership with Socialgist enables analysis of both historical and real-time data providing insight into the conversations happening on Quora around products, companies, and industries to identify trends, test theories, uncover sentiment, monitor your brand, and more. Socialgist is the leading DaaS platform for connecting sources of global conversational data to analytic and engagement systems. 

Statement from Quora on their website

All of the content accessed is public data on the Quora site, but made available in a way to help businesses make better decisions by what information is available. As a first foray into the space of offering services based on their data, it is hopeful more opportunities will be made available to companies who need social data.

“Access to high quality content is a priority for our clients and is why connecting with Quora has been at the top of their wish list for some time. Now for the first time, our customers will be able to tap into this excellent source of knowledge and uncover valuable insights around the topics they care most about. We are proud to be able to assist Quora in its mission of sharing and growing the world’s knowledge and excited to be working with such a great group of people at Quora,” said Jon Oelman, COO of Socialgist.

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