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Real Estate Marketing and Social Media
Real Estate Marketing and Social Media

Social media acts as a cyber-meeting point for people across the globe. No wonder most businesses attempt to grab the spotlight on various platforms. If utilized the right way, through social media, they can reach more clients. 

The real estate industry is no exception. Agents recognized the potential of social media almost immediately. Now every good agent relies on various platforms to connect his/her clients with their dream home.  You’ll also find mortgage originators, those who specialize in home financing , using social media to educate their clients.

“This business requires a lot of patience, especially for a new agent working among agents with 30 years of experience and a book of clients. To start on the right foot — that is, a positive mindset — new agents must be determined to identify and follow through on opportunities.” – Judy Williams 

The Power of Images

The great thing about social media is the reliance on images. Clients voice their wishes, and the agent can immediately look up homes according to their liking. Sometimes buyers browse Instagram and Pinterest to search for their ideal homes, which makes the agent’s job easier and more effective.

Instagram is a must-have tool for every real estate agent. This platform is image-driven, and the engagement is at a high-point. Exploring and mastering the platform can take some time, but learning how to use it makes the difference between success and mediocrity. 

“I get engagement by doing polls in my insta-stories (very effective) and asking a question in the last line in my caption. Getting users to engage on your account is one of the best ways to grow and connect with your audience.” – Valerie Weber

Keep in Touch

Sometimes there are a thousand miles between family, friends, and business partners. With social media establishing contact and maintaining it has never been easier. Every real estate agent builds a relationship with clients. With social media, they can keep in touch. 

When maintaining contact, real estate agents tell their clients that they are more than mere buyers. They might need the agent’s services in the future or might recommend his/her services to a friend in need.


This platform is a favorite amongst real estate agents. According to statistics, the demographics interested in buying or selling is active on Facebook. The incorporated business features of this media are engineered for real estate. 

Facebook’s features allow agents to reveal content and publish updates, communicate with potential and past clients, and make appointments. The best element is the ads. Facebook ads target specific demographics that have shown interest in their services. 

Real Estate Influencers 

Social media is gathering millions of people in one place. This makes it a perfect place for marketing campaigns. Every good contemporary real estate agent utilizes social media to inform buyers about relevant news and the state of the market.  

By publishing ads and posting relevant content (such as pictures, events, and new listings), agents can win over more clients than ever. Some platforms allow these two parties to maintain contact, which could lead to more assignments. 

“Reputation is everything for real estate agents. Potential clients will most likely investigate realtors before reaching out, so it’s important to frequently Google yourself to see what’s been published by you and others online.” – Jonas Sickler

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