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Shalom Lamm on What Will Happen To Museums Amidst the Pandemic
Shalom Lamm on What Will Happen To Museums Amidst the Pandemic

With the future of the world changing every day, it’s hard to keep up with what will happen in the future. There are wildfires, torrential storms, and a pandemic that are continually changing the way we all live our lives. Shalom Lamm, an history degree holder, is curious about how museums will react to current lockdown regulations. As written on Ambit Success, Lamm has a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and a Masters in Military History. He is well versed in studying the past but also very good at predicting what trends will continue in the future. His passion for history and education makes him the perfect candidate to predict what will happen to museums during this trying time.

Museums take a lot of time to plan. The exhibits might seem as if they change overnight, when in fact it takes months to curate one. Prior to the pandemic, Lamm expresses he enjoyed going to museums with his students and family. It was a wonderful way to see history first hand and also experience its emotional impact. When visiting World War II exhibits, it’s hard for Lamm to keep a dry eye. His Jewish heritage makes his connection to all those innocent lives that perished so much stronger. In addition, he is the CEO of Operation Benjamin. This organization finds Jewish soldiers who were not properly buried during the war and returns them to their families before performing a proper Jewish burial. 

It’s with these passions that admit to missing visiting museums. The pandemic has halted any visitors because of the constant fear of spreading the virus. Lamm believes that museums also have a hard time figuring out what to do because of sanitation policies. If artifacts were ever allowed to be touched by my guests, they had to have been sanitized. Unfortunately, no one knows how sanitizers would affect the binding, lettering, or hardware of a given artifact. Moving forward, museums must not let people touch anything. Lamm believes that if an artifact is displayed, it should be enclosed in a protective covering to solidify its protection. 

Of course, if museums were to open, the capacity must be limited. Lamm has used to attend museums with groups of all ages. Children, families, young professionals, and elders would always be active participants at museums. Unfortunately, that can no longer happen. School field trips will most likely come to a close, at least until a vaccine is found. Having large groups of children running around museums can be detrimental. On Thrive Global, Lamm says that in order for the children to be 100% safe, they must stay home or in their classrooms.It’s hard to believe that the beautiful rooms, hall, and exhibits filled with human history are now silent. With no visitors, it can be difficult for museums to support staff. Shalom recommends donating to either local museums or any of your choice. This is because although it may not seem like museums are a priority to keep afloat during the pandemic, they most certainly are. Without the colossal amounts of history documented in each museum, we would all be clueless. By having visitors, the museums are able to interchange exhibits and produce more content for those of all ages. That’s why Lamm urges those who can to make any contribution. If museums were to ever be just online, it wouldn’t be the same experience. There is an emotional connection made between an artifact and a person when they are so close to it. Lifesize perceptions of animals can only be experienced at the Natural History Museum in New York City. These are simply events that can only happen in person. Although Lamm is a professional historian, he still has trouble predicting the future. Museums are a substantial part of educational culture. Without them, our world would be very different. Thrive recently published an article about the importance of the past. Museums teach us the past so the future is brighter and the world could certainly use some sunshine this year.

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