The Buyer's Guide Discussion For Social Media Management Software - Social Media Explorer
The Buyer’s Guide Discussion For Social Media Management Software
The Buyer’s Guide Discussion For Social Media Management Software

Because of the space we write about here at Social Media Explorer, one question we’re consistently asked is, “What’s the best social media management software to use for my business?” The problem, as we’ve discussed before, is that social media management and monitoring platforms all do different things with varying degrees of sophistication. None of them do everything you want them to do and most of them do the big two or three things (publishing, engagement and measurement) about the same.

We’ve recently begun researching the online conversation around these management tools for a client and haven’t found much more than a whole lot of Tweets saying X tool is great or Y tool sucks. There’s not a lot of discussion online about social media management solutions, especially for small to medium businesses. So we’d like to invite that discussion here.

For those of you who use and like any of the following software solutions, or even similar ones we’ve left out, we’d like for you to dive into the comments and tell us a few things. Those questions are also listed below. First, we’re looking for users of software platforms classified as social media management tools (we’re classifying them liberally) like:

We would like to focus on medium to small business, but would happily take input from anyone using more enterprise focused solutions like:

We also recognize that some of the social media monitoring and listening platforms provide a level of publishing and engagement, so we would include them in the discussion. Tools like:

And here are the questions we’d like you to address. Feel free to answer one or all, depending upon your interest and time. We’d just love to host a discussion here where people looking for a solution can see some honest assessments from actual users. The questions:

  • What do you like about the software you’re using?
  • What do you not like about the software you’re using?
  • Are you using more than one of the management or publishing solutions and why?
  • What one function (feel free to refer to our list of the 8 key functions) do you wish your platform performed that it doesn’t?
  • What other business softwares does your system integrate with and do you use that integration?
  • What other business software would it be helpful for your platform to integrate with that it doesn’t?
  • How easy is your software to learn and use?
  • How easy is your software to manage from an admin standpoint?
  • How many people in your organization are using the software?

Feel free to add other thoughts. I’m hoping this post becomes like a forum thread that just lives on and on and is useful for months and years to come. So? Dive in. The comments are yours.

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