60 Social Media Managers to Compete for 100,000€ Grand Prize
Social Media Managers Can Enter to Compete for 100,000€ Grand Prize
Social Media Managers Can Enter to Compete for 100,000€ Grand Prize

Are you doing some kick ass social media work that deserves to get some credit? Do you want to visit France in the summer? Would 100,000€ make your bank account happy? If you answered HELL YES to all of those questions, then keep reading to find out how you can turn all three of those into a reality.

SoMeRo (a play on Social Media Round) has introduced an international competition specifically designed for social media managers. Personally, I’m excited because I think it’s about time for social media managers to get a little credit for the work they do.

Social media managers are those incredibly important people who do the real work and get very little of the credit. They are those people who have to watch every single word they type to their audiences for fear of a major media blow-up that leaves their name in the dust and jobless. They are those people who are on call over the weekends, in the evenings, and even on holidays in case a “crisis” breaks out. It’s time for social media managers to be in the spotlight and this contest is a great step in the right direction. Oh and did I mention 200,000€ were divided up for the prizes, and the top prize is 100,000€? Here are the details.

Contest Details

SomeroWhat is SoMeRo?

It’s the first annual international competition entirely dedicated to the emerging jobs linked to web marketing and web communication on social media. Four competitors will be chosen among the participants and will be awarded of the title Best Social Media Managers. There are 200,000€ of global donations.

Social Media Round #SoMeRo is not only an international competition, but it’s also a prestigious rendezvous for handpicked partner-companies to share and exchange in a professional space.
Side events, such as concerts, exhibitions, talks, debates, and conferences, a blogging pool and PR platform, will be organized.

Dates: June 2015, 4th to 7th
Location: Corsica (France)

Full Contest Details 

What can I win?

1 Competition – 2 contests – 4 prizes 
The competition will take place in a unique location mixing a connected open space dedicated to the participants and a corporate space dedicated to the sponsors.

60 professionals from all over the world will be selected to participate to the competition.
Main Round: Master of Buzz
First Prize: World SoMeRo Champion – Master of Buzz – 100.000€
Second Prize: Buzz Legend – 40.000€
Third Prize: Buzz Captain -30.000€
Live Round – Special prize : Influence Soldier – 30.000€

The travel cost to Corsica will be offered to all the 60 selected participants. They will be staying in
upscale hotels and residences (4 to 5 stars); they will discover during the 3-days competition the magnificent landscapes of the Balagne region. This is a prime location for the SoMeRo challengers!

How Do I Enter?

Wait? Did you say an expenses paid trip to France? Yes, I did. So now you probably want to know how to enter, right? Here are the details:

Anyone interested in joining the competition is invited to send their complete application dossier to the pre-selection jury.

Their entry should include:

  • A summary of their professional career through an original resume
  • A concrete example of a Social Media campaign that will be presented to the final jury at the event competition (PDF, Video, Prezi, etc.)
  • The selected applicants for the final round will have 7 minutes to present their concrete example with a visual support + seven minutes to answer questions
  • The objective is to present a realization of SocialMedia Strategy already implemented or in progress in a clear and concise way
  • Note that the exercise asked is not to convince by presenting only performance indicators but to show the relevance of the global actions to answer the initial need
  • The applicants must demonstrate the adequacy of their strategy against the initial need

40 applicants will be selected at the end of the pre-selection round.

Click here to fill out the entry form, or get all the details here.

The deadline to enter is February 28, 2015.

The candidates that are selected will be published on March 20, 2015.

Why is Social Media Explorer Participating?

Personally, I am so excited to see an event that is offering prizes that are worth competing for. Sure, I can appreciate another paperweight award on my desk, but giving people the opportunity to win real cash is something unique and awesome. Secondly, I truly appreciate that they are also paying for the participants to get to Corsica. This isn’t one of those competitions that you have to pay to participate in. These two factors piqued my interest in promoting a contest that is awarding winners based on achievement of their objective and giving them a prize that will affect them personally.

As such, I have agreed to be an influencer covering this event in France. First, I’m totally down for going to France in the summer; second, I’m a huge hell yes to celebrating social media managers.

Here’s the thing. If we want to see more awesome contests like this offered in our field ,then we need to support it when they come along.

If you want more contests like this now and in the future, here’s what you can do to help this one be successful:

  • Enter the contest yourself here
  • Send this article to your friends and colleagues that are social media managers using this link
  • If you are an agency, share the contest with your client’s social media managers using this link
  • Share this post on your social networks using the handy dandy icons at the top of the post

You’ll notice that we provided you with separate links for some of these activities. That’s because we actually want to track our results in helping to support this contest, so we created trackable links. It would be awesome if you used them to help us in our reporting.

Are you ready to join me in France?

Disclosure: As an influencer for the event, I will receive airfare and accommodations while in France and a small stipend for expenses and my time.

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