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SocialCaptain Review – Instagram Game Changer for Influencers & Brands
SocialCaptain Review – Instagram Game Changer for Influencers & Brands

Everyone wants to grow their Instagram following. Brands want to attract more followers that will turn into customers and brand advocates, and influencers want more followers so they can command more money for sponsored posts and collaborations with brands that want to leverage their reach.

With so much focus on the number of followers as well as engagement on Instagram, it has led to many pieces of software and automation tools being released. I’ve tried almost everyone to hit the market and while some showed a bit of promise they were short lived.

During its early days, it was possible to be a bit spammy on Instagram and still gain followers and grow your account, but as time has passed the follow/unfollow and liking a bunch of content tricks has become less effective.

You have to really pick your targets carefully and focus on very detailed targeting if you want to make any gains in terms of followers and engagement increases. I was introduced to SocialCaptain a few months ago and given a free 3-day trial.

I have used the software far beyond the trial period and it’s helped me grow several Instagram accounts, from personal profiles to business accounts. Here is my review of SocialCaptain and why I believe it is the best choice for brands and influencer looking for a game changing Instagram growth tool.

Influencers Can Use SocialCaptain to Make More Money

As influencer marketing continues to be a huge outlet for brands looking to reach very targeted audiences, it has allowed many people to make full-time income simply by being active on Instagram. Others have turned it into a very lucrative side hustle. So, the more instagram followers and the better your engagement, the better the payout.

A lot of influencers are able to devote a lot of time to manual work on Instagram, as it’s their “job” but by also using SocialCaptain it can help speed up account growth and push engagement rates for both likes and comments up.

Brands Can Use SocialCaptain to Build a Loyal Customer Base

One look at SocialCaptain’s review page will show you some of the brands that uses the software, and the names are impressive. These are brands with millions of followers, collectively. Their Instagram audience is essentially priceless, so do you think they would trust their account safety with software that didn’t deliver results? I doubt it, and that is one of the reasons I originally took them up on the trial offer. If it is good enough for those companies it must have something good to offer.

AI Technology Allows ‘Human’ Engagement

SocialCaptain is backed by AI technology, which is something I don’t see any other Instagram software claim. They also have something called SmartGrowth that they say results in improved results over time due to the technology getting smarter pertaining to the account it’s working on. So, as it gets smarter the results get better because it learns what works and what doesn’t for your specific targeting and goals. This is pretty cool and something I was able to see on my own accounts.

Real-Time Analytics & Data

Even though SocialCaptain works 24/7 without you having to login, it’s nice to be able to check on your progress at any time and see exactly what is happening in real-time. You are able to watch your followers increase, see what your account is doing, and how the AI is working to interact with similar accounts and audiences, as you specify in your settings.

Cost: You Can’t Afford to Not Use SocialCaptain

After your free trial you can select from the regular plan that is $39/month (or $15/week), or the more powerful $99/month option that has 10X growth over the regular plan. Less than $100/month for AI powered follower growth is a bargain in my eyes.

Think of what it would cost to hire a full-time Instagram marketer and you will see this is a steal. And influencers can use this tool and see a massive ROI in terms of the small cost of this software.


In you are a business, then you have to be active on Instagram these days. You should be using SocialCaptain to handle your Instagram growth in the background. You don’t have to worry about appearing spammy because when you buy instagram followers using its artificial intelligence and targeting options, it looks and and feels like a real human is working within the app on a mobile device.

Influencers old and new: fork out the money to add this tool to your strategy. The more followers and the higher your engagement, the more brand deals that will come your way and the higher the price you can command.

SocialCaptain is a no-brainer decision for anyone with an Instagram account. You can see for yourself almost instantly if you visit their website and sign up for the free trial.

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