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The most beautiful health brands on Instagram right now
The most beautiful health brands on Instagram right now

Brands will be more connected to consumers on social media than ever before. Why? Because we are all home. We are in front of our screens more and may simply need time to decompress more.

There’s nothing better than seeing a brand on social who has created an inviting aesthetic that also showcases them as unique and easily identifiable.

A focus on health is on most minds right now which likely means more search and engagement on Instagram. And brands are noticing, adjusting and some, even pivoting.

Here are the five best brands getting it “right” in the health space, right now:

  1. Mab & Stoke – With the launch of their Readymade Calm and Readymade Immunity Mab Tabs in their herbal super tabs family, their unique branding, welcoming messaging and affinity for promoting others is top notch. Not to mention, the founder, Christina Mace-Turner was a former Apple and Flipboard executive, so she knows a thing or to about content.
  2. Rachael’s Good Eats – A person and a brand – and a great one at that. Rachael has always been one to to showcase healthy foods and snacks in an Instagrammable way. The Toast Society co-founder has recently switched up her healthy recipes and is showcasing workout-at-home routines for those who are social distancing and staying indoors. She continues to use her specific branding in the videos to bring a fluid ease and transition in between the food photos.
  3. Health Magazine – Image education is on the Gram is in right now. Health Magazine is leading the way with astutely branded health, informative and self-care messages. By keeping their viewers entertained, they’re maintaining an engaged audiences that also sees their educational health-focused content. All of their messaging stays true to their color scheme, tone and feel and like others highlighted above seamlessly integrates into their feed.
  4. Vitruvi – A page dedicated to Natural Living, their imagery invokes a comfortable and uncluttered life (with a lot of plants involved!) The soft lighting and shades of greens, browns and pinks offer an aesthetically pleasing experience in grid format. While their monetization is through the products they sell, you can simply enjoy this page for some comfort scrolling. They’ve done an exceptional job of remaining consistent as their brand has evolved.
  5. M N D F L – A renowned meditation studio located in New York, their business is one of many impacted by recent events. As they continue to help people from afar, we can likely expect to see more posts incorporating video and written tips and for them to continue to live their brand of helping in comments and community opportunities. Their middle column of the grid is typically reserved for a #MindfulMonday quote where they challenge you to be intrinsic and self-reflective. The colors and typeface are quickly identifiable even in a busy feed. Their highlights section is also simplistic and focused on the key areas of health most important to their community.

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