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The One Social Media Mistake Your Company is Making (and how to fix it)
The One Social Media Mistake Your Company is Making (and how to fix it)

No one can deny the value of social media in marketing. In large part, it’s a completely free way to get thousands of eyes engaging with your product. A small investment in ads or promoted posts can multiply your return on investment. But if those eyes don’t understand your product or service, if they can’t emotionally or rationally connect with your company, your social media marketing efforts are in vain. And you might be losing thousands of potential customers without realizing it.

So what’s the one mistake your company is making in social media? Not marketing to the Spanish-speaking population. Here are more details on marketing to Hispanic consumers and ways to do it effectively.

According to the 2016 US Census, almost 58 million people in America are Native Spanish speakers. That means that, outside of Mexico, the US has the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world. Regardless of your industry, you’d be remiss to ignore the needs of 58 million people.

So how can you up your Spanish social media game? It’s much more than just translating words. These communities are robust, diverse, and authentic consumers within themselves. Here are few resources for companies across top industries to connect with this demographic and effectively meet their needs.


Lawyer marketing in Spanish differs drastically from that in English. People vary in their needs, wants, and lifestyles, and legal considerations are no different. Just look at their social media profiles.

People hire lawyers through reputation, but law requires trust and communication. You can’t accomplish that without literally speaking the language. Hire Spanish speakers and connect with the communities you’re trying to serve. If you already do that, then it’s time to find clients.

ListaLegal specializes in connecting Spanish-speaking lawyers with the Latinx community. Whatever your practice -family, immigration, criminal, personal injury, real estate law, or more – ListaLegal provides a helpful hub for lawyers and clients alike.


Diversity in social media advertising literally relies on technology. Of all places where social media and language intersect, the actual technology industry could be the most important. Therefore, it’s important to invest in and hire those who represent the vibrant cultural diversity of Spanish-speaking communties.

One organization,, leads the way in developing young, Latinx people in STEMA. Their founder also runs a marketing company, Segura Marketing and Media Solutions, that actively promotes culturally relevant marketing. Check them out to learn more about best social media marketing practices for Spanish speakers in tech.


Did you know that Latinxs (and specifically Hispanic women) are the fastest-growing demographic in the entrepreneurial industry? Small business owners are a fantastic market for entrepreneurial and start-up loans. But banks, credit unions, and lendors have to actually reach the people who need those loans, and social media is the perfect outlet to do so.

If you can discover pain points and market solutions through social media, you’ve got a new customer. This video, put together by the National Credit Union Association, talks about the unique challenges facing Hispanic communities. Watch and learn how to target this largely untapped market in finance.

The better you can use social media to tell the true, real stories of your customers’ lives, the larger your impact. Don’t miss out on a large portion of the population by neglecting to tell them in Spanish.

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