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Top 5 Social Media Tools to be Used While Blogging
Top 5 Social Media Tools to be Used While Blogging

With the advent of the trend of blogging and influencers in the digital era, social media marketing has come of extreme importance. Online Marketers, bloggers turned influencers, everywhere are faced with the problem of handling a whole new set of responsibilities.

These responsibilities include social media marketing, understanding their viewer’s satisfaction, advertising and implementing the various new tools along with the updates in the virtual world. Social media marketing has become a necessity and a challenge to stay at the top.

Luckily, for bloggers, potential developers have created spot- on social media tools to help the content creators stay at the top while using the best and latest tools. These social media tools make the work of marketing easy.

These easy to work on social media tools, help bloggers in proper content research, creation, proofreading, publishing, and scheduling. Not just this, there are also applications that can help bloggers manage the growth of their website based on SEO skills.

Growing a business is essential, and if you are a blogger who wants to increase the responsiveness of your work, this is the place for you.

These top 5 social media tools for blogging and social media management will help a blogger stand out from the cream.

Let’s dig in!

1. Buzzsumo

For any website to work correctly, attracting readers from around the world is essential. Buzzsumo is a tool that can be used to find out the content that is being shared most by influencers, readers online.

The tool helps you analyze the topic you want to work on and which angle can work best for your website. Through Buzzsumo, you can get data of the most to read and shared content from all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

This, in turn, will help you analyze which topics and articles are performing the best online and which ones to choose for your website/ blog.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is considered a blessing from above in the marketing world. The app is a powerful social media tool that can help a blogger schedule and plan posts for all their social media profiles. With over 16 million users from around the world, the tool holds quite a lot of positive feedbacks for changing the way bloggers could plan, schedule and post their content over all their social media profiles with just one click.

Hootsuite helps you schedule your messages, measure your social performance, monitor the performance of your posts, and give you social alerts. All under one roof!

3. Grammarly

As a blogger, you are required to write content free from any grammatical mistakes. Same applies to your social media posts. That’s when Grammarly comes in to picture.

Grammarly is a sweet little tool also available as a browser extension that proofreads your content for spelling as well as grammatical mistakes on the go. Unlike other grammar checking tools, Grammarly is mostly accurate with it’s suggestions and able to spot most of the grammatical errors. No wonder, they’ve been rated positively in almost all Grammarly reviews

4. Canva

Canva is another fantastic tool that is extensively used by bloggers and influencers. It is one of the tools recommended by experts like Neil Patel for creating graphics for social media

There are a lot of times when hiring a social media designer is not possible, especially if someone is a newbie. Canva is a tool that can be used for designing all social media images using ready-made templates, edits, and different fonts.

5. SproutSocial

Now that the list has covered apps that can help bloggers create content, research the right topics, share with the right people, it required sharing at the right platforms too.

SproutSocial is like a smart box that can gather all of your social media messages under one roof and makes it easy for the bloggers to manage. SproutSocial also helps in scheduling posts for all your social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Google+) in one o.

Now, bloggers might think it’s almost similar to Hootsuite, or any other schedulers but listen up! SproutSocial has a very distinct feature for bloggers and influencers who work in a team. With the tool, you can easily manage your team and review their activity individually.

Isn’t it amazing?

So which tool out of these top 5 social media tools will you use for blogging?

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