Want Infinite Blog Post Ideas?
Want Infinite Blog Post Ideas?
Want Infinite Blog Post Ideas?

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Facebook.

OK, so maybe destroyed is a bit dramatic, but they were at least heavily distracted by it.

And so it goes. We in the world of content marketing have a lot of things to click on. There are blog posts to read. There are whitepapers to download. There is research to skim. There is news to dissect. There are viral videos to watch. There are infographics to print out. There are webinars to attend. There are podcasts to tune in to.

It all becomes a bit exhausting after a while.

infinite blog post ideas
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And oh yeah, damn, we still have to get that blog post written?

So we go back to the web for inspiration:

“Can I post a counterpost to this blog post?”

“Can I blog about the highlights of this whitepaper or research?”

“Can I write about why this viral video was so … viral?”

“Can I embed this infographic and write about why it rules?”

“Can I post my ‘takeaway’ from the webinar I just watched?”

The answer to all of the above is yes. That is if you’re okay with contributing to the echo chamber and putting people to sleep.

But if you really want to create compelling content, if you really want to bring something fresh to the table, if you really want to make a name for yourself there’s really only one thing to do: work.

Why You’ll Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas if You Just Get to Work

  • You’ll run into real-life problems that you have to create a solution for. Your story will make an interesting tale.
  • You’ll break things and have to fix them, and the way you did it will provide a great tutorial.
  • You’ll get tough questions from smart people that you don’t have the answer for. You’ll have to figure it out and find one for them.
  • You’ll experiment with things just to see how they work, and your failures and accidental successes will make for interesting case studies.
  • You’ll spend less time as the audience and more time as the actor, and the experience will improve your credibility, build your skill set, and add bullet points to your resume.

Sure, maybe diving in isn’t as fun as floating around on the web, but when you come up for air, you’ll have better stories to tell. And the blog posts will write themselves.

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