Online Conversation Around Burgers Favors In-N-Out
The Online Conversation: Burgers
The Online Conversation: Burgers

I like cheeseburgers. While my typical flippant reference to affiliate relationships is silly and a fun way to disclose and make the FTC stay away from me, it’s true. But I got into a discussion with Lisa Joy Rosner at NetBase about the best burgers the other day. Then we both thought … NetBase is an online market research tool, let’s see what the web says about the best burger.

Because NetBase’s product, ConsumerBase, uses netnography and advanced language processing to pull insights and information out of online conversations, you can use it to drill down and find information (like preference, passion, buying intent and the like) that regular monitoring services don’t provide.

When Lisa took my list of brands we should look for and popped back with the NetBase Brand Passion Index chart, I was surprised. The size of the circles represents the volume of conversation. Their place on the grid shows the axis of sentiment (good/bad) and passion (love/hate) of the brand in question based on the online conversations found.

Brand Passion Index - BurgersIn-N-Out had the most chatter among the seven brands and 62 percent of that was positive passion (love). It also had the second-most positive chatter of all the brands with 93 percent of its conversation being of positive sentiment.

White Castle had just seven percent of the total conversation, but 63 percent of its fans expressed love for the brand. (Blew me away. I’m not a fan.) But it also had the second-most “hate” conversations. It’s definitely a “love it or hate it” kinda brand.

Big Macs had some of the highest “like” and “dislike” scores (lack of passion) and just 13 percent of the conversation.

The Whopper showed a 58 percent love score and was the burger people seemed to be the most passionately positive about. And how’s this for an insight? The Whopper was the burger most craved by pregnant women. (Free stat of the day. You’re welcome.)

Five Guys had the most positive chatter at 95 percent and 54 percent of that with “love” passion. It also had more total online conversations.

And then we come to my favorite (I know, I know … but I love ’em): Wendy’s. The Wendy burger had the highest hate score (11 percent) but was in the no-man’s land of high likes and high dislikes. The audience is kinda “eh?” on Wendy’s. They can eat ’em, but don’t love ’em.

What do burgers have to do with SME? Nothing directly. But using an online research tool like Consumer Base can give you an interesting perspective on your brand and competitors that you probably didn’t have before. The more information you have, the more informed your content and marketing can be.

What tools are you using to glean information about your business and/or your competitors online? Do they give you the type of passion/sentiment package you want?

And just for fun, what’s your favorite burger? And don’t limit it to the ones we analyzed. I need ideas for new ones to try!

NOTE: NetBase is Social Media Explorer’s online market research partner. In exchange for access to research like this, I provide their audience with helpful webinars and content like the 11 For ’11 Webinar coming up Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT. Register here for the free webinar, Manage The Mess: 11 Tools To Manage Social Media.

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