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What you need to go viral in 2021
What you need to go viral in 2021

If you haven’t realized it yet, video content reigns supreme in 2021. With the lack of in-person events over the past year and the increased amount of businesses relying fully on social media, we’ve become more dependent on quality video than ever before. 

You can create a great video, but if it’s not optimized for your viewer’s experience, you won’t reach your audience. There’s a one-two-punch approach to video optimization that works in 2021: ratios and resolutions are king and queen of video content.

Aspect ratio has to do with the dimensions of the video. It’s the relation between the width and height of a video or image. For example, typical Instagram grid posts are a 1:1 ratio — a square. TikTok videos (and Instagram Reels or IGTV)  are a 9:16 ratio, which works seamlessly with a smartphone screen. YouTube’s aspect ratio is 16:9.

Resolution is just how big the video file is, its size, and how clear the image comes through on whatever platform you’re using. Higher resolutions can mean clearer images but, if measured incorrectly, could mean that your file takes forever to load, which means the viewer will most likely click away from your content.

These factors affect how your video looks to your viewer and can negatively impact clickability. If you’re on more than one social platform, you’ll understand that each system requires videos of different sizes, shapes, and resolutions. These parameters help content creators win the attention of their viewers because, quite simply, the content looks its best.

Seems like a lot of work to put into video content in 2021? It doesn’t have to be.

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Kamua is a new tool that does all of the metaphorical punching for your video content. Using AI technology, their system converts a single video into the appropriate aspect ratios and resolutions needed for each platform. 

Proper aspect ratio and correct resolutions help your videos go viral and reach your targeted audience in 2021. Here’s how.

You can share more content 

Converting a single video to multiple platforms can take hours of editing work, not to mention that many video creators film differently depending on which platform they plan to use. With Kamua’s AI technology, a single piece of content can become multiple pieces of content that reach a wider audience.

Let’s say you have a video of a concert that you want to share on your Instagram, YouTube and Twitter feeds. Each of those platforms requires a different sized video, as well as length. 

Where traditional editing software would require you to go through the video multiple times for each platform, Kamua does all of this through its AI program. The system allows the user to select a focal point, and the video hones in on that element no matter the aspect ratio.

This is a huge leap for content creators because it saves them time and helps them generate more content, more consistently.

People will only engage content that looks good

People will scroll right past content that doesn’t meet their visual standards. Proper resolutions matter. If your video is blurry, grainy or unclear, viewers will click away because the content doesn’t look professional.

It’s 2021 and the majority of the population has a smartphone capable of 4K video. If your content doesn’t look good in terms of quality, you’re automatically setting yourself up for failure by not meeting the standard for even a simple home video.

On top of all of that, people’s attention spans are short. Want to know what will make someone click away really quickly? Waiting for a video to buffer. Each platform requires a certain resolution in order for the video to run smoothly. This can take hours of editing work, or you can click one simple button in Kamua and call it a day. 

Stand out from the competition with just a click

Aspect ratios and resolutions are essential to video editing in 2021 if you want your content to be viewed by your target audience. The amount of video content available online (for free, even) is increasing exponentially every day. Things have never been this competitive. 

Kamua recognized video editors’ need for a simple and efficient way to optimize their content across platforms, and they jumped on it. Something that would’ve taken hours of work for a videographer can now take minutes with the help of AI.

These simple factors are what sets good content apart from something that’s just average. With proper aspect ratios and resolutions on hand, your videos can be repurposed over and over, generate a greater audience, and help you stand out from the competition.

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