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Why a Fintech Startup Focus on Social Media Marketing in 2020
Why a Fintech Startup Focus on Social Media Marketing in 2020

The Fintech Company was born when the technology fused with the financial services; as a result, to deliver unparalleled efficiency. FinTech is trying to combine some innovative business models and technology to enable, enhance, and disrupt financial services. This means that for every need that a customer might have, no matter how small, there is a product ready to satisfy it. This also means that every customer will have too many choices and too little information to make an informed choice. This means that when something goes wrong with the customers, they do not have much time to look at the products by FinTech. Hence here the question arises, then how can Fintech reach out to the customers with their awesome products? Here is your answer.

Virtual marketing is a need to come in here without the help of
this. A customer cannot look into the products, and also FinTech would not be
able to reach out to them. More importantly, in this 2020 year which is slowed
down a lot due to the pandemic, hence people are not able to reach out to
others and talk to them about their business-related stuff. Hence Fintech had
decided to start virtual marketing wherein it would be easier for them to reach
out to the customers easily. 

Reasons for Social
Media Marketing

As told before, there are certainly important reasons due to
which Fintech started to focus more on Social Media Marketing. The reasons have
been mentioned below.

  • Quick Information-
    People have become very busy these days, and hence it has become very difficult
    for them to focus on one topic or product for a longer period. And hence what
    they want is faster information about a product. If the product information is
    about to say twelve to fourteen pages, it would be difficult for people to read
    as that would consume a lot of their time. Hence video descriptions about
    products are much useful to people these days. Hence the main motive of Fintech
    was also to do the same thing, which is to lessen up the burden of customers
    and help the customers know more about the products.
  • Making a Lasting
    Impression- It is really true that humans can remember more about a thing if
    and only if they see that thing. Hence Fintech has also tried to make its aim
    fulfill and have ensured to reach out to the visual appearance of the products
    to the customers through a visual medium.
  • Simplification-
    Fintech is a mixture of finance and technology. It has always tried to ease up
    things for the customers. If something seems difficult to the customers, then
    they would not use the products or even look at them; hence Fintech has tried
    to make it as simple as possible.
  • Power of Youth- In
    today’s world, Youth are more open towards social media platforms, which means
    they are more active on them. Hence Forex market has rightly utilized
    that power of the Youth and has tried to reach out to them in every possible
  • Competition- In
    today’s world, the competition has increased a lot, be it globally or locally.
    In today’s media world, everyone or the other is up with some of the other
    businesses, and that has increased the competition more of companies like
    Fintech, etc. You can even reach out to customers in the whole world with the
    help of this social media.


Hence we can understand that visual marketing has become a
solution for all problems, and it has also enhanced the value of companies like
Fintech. The Fintech Company, as a result, has been taking up more and more
steps so that they can become more accurate in their new work, and of course,
they are getting a great result. I hope this article has been really helpful to

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