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Why Followers and Engagement Matter for Your Social Media Strategy
Why Followers and Engagement Matter for Your Social Media Strategy
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Sometimes, social media may seem like you’re shouting into the abyss without much true contact with others. Yet, having a social media strategy in place is vital for any business looking to succeed in their endeavors.

No one wants to be shouting into the void, and that’s why gaining a following and getting engagement from your followers is important for your social media strategy. Without people to see and engage with what you’re saying, does it really matter?

The Importance of Social Media Followers

You did it – you made social media profiles on all of the ideal platforms for your business and its audience. But what about followers?

Gaining followers to your social channels is key to reach your prospective audience. It is not enough to receive several followers and be satisfied – a successful social media profile continues to gain followers over time. Having a steady growth rate indicates that you continue to serve up relevant, engaging content and have influence in the space.

Besides working on growing your following organically, one way to ensure that you’ll never become stagnant or start to lose followers is by purchasing some of your following. You may want to buy Facebook likes from ibuyfans.com, so you can be confident that you have real people with real accounts following your profile.

Pew Research Center reports that 68% of U.S. adults are on Facebook, so you are bound to be able to reach your target audience on this social channel and gain the followers that you need to promote your business.

Getting Engagement With Your Social Profiles

Besides having active followers to your social media profiles, you want to know what you’re posting is effective and having an impact on your following. If you have tons of followers, but no engagement on your posts, there is a disconnect somewhere.

Forms of engagement that you can see on your social profiles can consist of:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Click-throughs

According to Sprout Social, “80% of social marketers said that their key strategy is to increase engagement across social channels.”

When people are interacting with what you post, they are engaging with your content. These are the metrics that matter when you are determining success for your social channels and social media campaigns.

Simply posting on social without interacting isn’t enough to keep your followers involved. When followers see that there is a sort of face and personality to the brand and the social profile, it makes that social presence much more real, relatable, and enticing to keep following and engaging with.

Improve Your Social Strategy

By focusing and staying accountable to increase your followers and engagements on your social profiles, you will gain a more loyal following and receive better engagement that will help you to continue that upward trend. Your social profiles will not get stagnant or decrease as long as you follow this trajectory and keep improving your strategy.

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