Come To Blog Indiana
Why I Want You To Come To Blog Indiana
Why I Want You To Come To Blog Indiana

Two weeks from today I will help kick off Blog Indiana for the second year. And I want you to join me there. It’s in Indianapolis August 20 and 21 with a neat Social Media 101 course on Thursday, August 19 for those in need of some basic knowledge. Frankly, Blog Indiana has a little something for everyone.

I’ll be opening the event with another exploration of the Art of Conversation. Yes, I’ve given this talk before, but it’s an evolutionary discussion and changes each time with each audience’s input. I’m diving into the issues of building trust and relationships and marketing through conversations from a brand perspective. It’s a fun talk and I want you to be a part of the exchange because I learn as much about the topic as you do. We are smarter than me.

Blog Indiana 2010But when you look at the other topics and speakers, it’s hard to believe this is all had for a few bucks in two days. Chuck Gose will talk about seducing your customers with a blog, Ryan Cox is diving into mobile to help us learn more about why and how to be thinking along those lines. There are sessions on publishing, marketing, business, blogging, SEO, technology and more.

My buddy Doug Karr will tell you why your website sucks. Another pal, Compendium Blogware CEO Chris Baggott will dive deeper into our joint study on blog visitors and talk about the myth of your website audiences. Bill Dawson will go over the email marketing lifecycle … and that’s just halfway through the first day.

Other speakers include Kyle Lacy, Erik Deckers, Chad Richards, Duncan Alney, Carissa Newton, Heather Sokol and Lindsay Manfredi whose session on ghost blogging will no doubt get a rise out of a few folks (and may even point fingers and call me names).

But more importantly, you’ll get to meet and hang with these folks and the other great people who will be attending. I remember vividly last year, sitting in the lobby at IUPUI with my friends Chris Brogan, Krista Neher (who hijacked my TweetDeck while I took a client call), Jason Bean and others, just talking shop, laughing hysterically and enjoying one another. I even met Sonya Beckley and chatted about my new Volkswagen. Six months later, I’m freezing my ass off in a Louisville ally doing a photo shoot for Das Auto.

Indianapolis is a great tech, web and social media community and Blog Indiana is a banner event for them. Noah Coffey and Shawn Plew do a great job and make it an top-notch event for you. So come, wouldya?

Visit the Blog Indiana Registration Page and sign up. Use the code “”SPEAKTOME10” and get 10% off, just ‘cuz you know me. And then come see me in Indy.

(And I hear there might be a surprise drop in visit from Jay Baer, too. Trust me. Come. It’ll rock.)

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Jason Falls
Jason Falls is the founder of Social Media Explorer and one of the most notable and outspoken voices in the social media marketing industry. He is a noted marketing keynote speaker, author of two books and unapologetic bourbon aficionado. He can also be found at
  • Jason even though you own a Volkswagen you are good in my book. Maybe you will pickup one of those Volts you drove at SXSWi. In any event Im looking forward to the event and couldnt agree more with your write up on the conference.

    Chris Theisen
    Director of Digital Communications
    Hare Chevrolet

  • Looking forward to speaking at Blog Indiana as well! I'll just be returning from Affiliate Summit in New York next week and hope to bring back some great new information. I'd love to help jump start an affiliate community in Indiana with as many terrific bloggers as we have.

  • Just to reinforce your statement about Indy being a great tech community, right now I'm sitting in a hotel lobby in Vail Colorado attending the 12th annual Pacific Crest Technology Leadership Forum. This is my third or fourth year, but this year is different.

    There are 5 companies from Indianapolis here! Compendium, ExactTarget, Cha Cha, Angies List & Scale. I'm checking but I think that other than California, Indiana is the second most represented state.

    We have come a long way in the past couple of years.

  • Jeff Rothe

    Noah and Shawn have laid the groundwork for Blog Indiana to be a national level conference and have drawn in some amazing speakers. I can't recommend this event highly enough.

  • natfinn

    I'm just hoping that if anyone offers to buy a round at the afterparty that they, you know, pay for the round (jk! That was awesome last year)

    “The Art of Conversation: 2010!” Looking forward to the evolution!

    • natfinn

      for the record, neither the writer of this post or those who commented before me were “guilty” of not paying. Just to clarify. The “guilty,” redeemed themselves. I just won't forget it because it was just cool. Those little human events are why BIN2010 will be awesome – pure community

    • Why not just come to the pre party sponsored by the oldest transportation company in America and drink Sun Kind and eat West Coast Tacos for free.

      • natfinn

        Oh yeah. I'm already there :-)

  • And Chantelle Flannery and I will be there to sign copies of our newly published book, Corporate Blogging for Dummies! Woohoo!

  • Always enjoy the Blog Indiana conference and looking forward to this 3rd year continuing to improve, impress and inform the social community in the Circle City.


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