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Will Social Video Be the Next Big Thing?
Will Social Video Be the Next Big Thing?

Marketers everywhere are looking for what the next breakout in social will be? Will it be a new social network? A new mobile app? A content marketing platform? Or could it be converging two things that already have captured audiences like video and social?

Think about the last time you watched the news. We’ve all seen that scrolling ticker for breaking news that comes across the screen. It shows us school closings, the latest headlines and even what’s trending on Twitter. But what if it was scrolling your personal social newsfeed? Well… that would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

MycronewsThe start up Mycronews thinks it has something that could do just that for media outlets, content marketers or any company that shares videos. While I don’t traditionally write about start up technologies often I was so inspired by what this company is doing that I had to talk about it. The applications could be enormous.

Check it out below to give context for the rest of the conversation.

Share Your News…And Your Viewers News to Capture Longer Attention Spans

For companies that are making announcements this can immediately add more value to the video user experience. It could be approached as a “Here’s what’s going on in our backyard…now let’s take a look at what’s happening in your neck of the woods” approach. Integration of the viewer’s social stream throughout the “broadcast” makes it personal for the viewer while capturing the attention for your own news. This could breathe new life to staunchy shareholder updates, product releases, company announcements and even the old press release. The creativity for personal engagement that could be applied to news-style content is immense and dare I say it…makes it more engaging.

Make Your Brand’s Video Content Marketing More Personal

Downstream, I can envision applications for tying in a viewer’s personal network to mine for conversations about specific topics that apply to the topic of your latest content marketing video. Adding semantic search and some algorithms to understand relationships on status updates that are relevant to the topic would add a whole new layer of appreciation and relevancy for the viewer, which could make your content marketing efforts more sticky. Think about a brand like Proctor and Gamble putting out an interesting video on the latest diaper changing techniques paired with your friends status updates about their kids. Combine the latest photos of your friend’s babies and it becomes a dynamic user-generated experience that makes a simple video about diaper changing something worth watching.

Could This Increase the Relevancy of Broadcast Media?

Let’s face it a lot of us aren’t getting our news from traditional news channels anymore. We wait to see what our friends post and some of us don’t even consider it newsworthy unless our friends are talking about it and sharing it. Our friends have become our own personal news filters. What if broadcast outlets started delivering news in videos that were surrounded by the news our friends are sharing. Because, if we are being completely honest the news from our network of friends is important to us, but media outlets have never been able to tap into our social networks to provide a personalized newsfeed. We’re being pulled into an either / or direction, but this could have vast applications for broadcast media to be able to make watching their broadcasts fun and highly relevant when combined with a ticker for our friend’s updates alongside their own stories. It would be interesting to test how much longer an individual watches when they are getting their two primary sources of information in one place. On-demand video is interesting, but if it could be combined with live broadcasting on our TV’s, tablets and desktops it could get super compelling. The technology isn’t far away. We can log into Facebook and Twitter on a wi-fi enabled TV today. This is a simple extension of that.

The Three Screen Experience Could be Combined into ONE Screen

The movement towards social TV has been focused on a multi-screen experience, but what if we could have a three-screen experience on one screen. That would certainly help my attention span and allow me to pay a lot more attention to what is being broadcast while consuming the social chatter at the same time. The biggest challenge I face with today’s experience is keeping up with the volume of chatter causes me to miss some of the most important moments. Envision the “wrapper” that you saw in the Mycronews video wrapped around your favorite TV show with the functionality to post, comment, like, retweet and more. It could combine the personal status updates of your friends talking about the show, but could also leverage the show hashtag with a combination of your personally selected hashtags to bring the outside conversations into one hyper-relevant stream. All I would need is a wireless keyboard and a wi-fi enabled TV to have a truly dynamic and engaging TV watching experience. And the best part is that the viewer is driving the experience. It’s not about the TV show choosing what I see alongside the show, it’s my feed, my hashtags, and my choices. Now that’s an experience I think all of us can get excited about. Next year’s Brand Bowl could be so much more fun!

What do you think? Do you see other applications for this type of technology? Do you think this could take off and become mainstream? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

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