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Can Quotes Help Boost Social Media Engagement?
Can Quotes Help Boost Social Media Engagement?

If you’re on social media often, you’ll find that people love quotes. There’s inspiration and feelings that quotes provide that aren’t often possible to express in a person’s own words. And the reshares, likes and comments on quotes are often higher than other types of posts.

Now, I don’t mean that every post you share should be a quote.

That is a good way to lose your followers’ interest quickly. But adding quotes into your posting schedule can help you boost followers, increase engagement and enhance your social media presence.

What types of quotes should you add?

Start Adding in Your Own Quotes First

If you want to start gaining traction to a blog or guest post, it’s a good idea to insert usable quotes into your posts. These quotes may be inserted during the editing process, and you can even use a plugin to help readers share posts easily on their preferred social media platform.

These quotes may help boost your social media presence, but they’ll also help lead people to your content.

When you have in-depth content that’s worth reading, you’ll find that there are quotes readily available for you to use.

Say you wrote a post on how to unlock your iCloud account. This post may have:

  • Statistical quotes that always have a lot of shares
  • Success rate figures

Overlook your content, and pick out quotes from your personal experience that may help others.

Add Famous Quotes into the Mix

What I like about quotes is that they’re freely available on many sites. You’ll find a lot of sites that have quote images that you can use, too. Remember, a lot of these quotes can be freely used, and when posted on social media, they’ll be a strong part of your social media strategy.

A few resources for great quotes include:

If you want to add a little more incentive for people to leave a comment and engage with your post, add in a question in the comments section. “Have you ever felt/experienced this before?” Something that people can respond to and start a conversation about.

Powerful Quotes That Are Easy to Forget About

Powerful quotes can come from a variety of sources, but a lot of people go for the low-hanging fruit, which are the famous quotes. You can find great quotes all around you, but you need to know where the find them.

A few sources of powerful quotes are:

  • Statistics
  • Personal insights
  • Customer testimonials
  • Information or quotes from industry leaders
  • Blog snippets
  • Trends in the industry

Now, let’s assume that you run a fitness social media account. This is a great example because fitness is such a versatile industry. You’ll be able to add in a lot of statistics. Let’s assume a new study was conducted, finding that the average person loses 1% of body fat per month when they do some new, awesome exercise.

“You can add this information into a quote, or you can quote an industry leader that has reached a new world record or milestone,” Luca Torzulli from CouponBuffer says.

Funny quotes, especially from industry leaders, also work very well.

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