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How to Dramatically Increase Your Instagram Following
How to Dramatically Increase Your Instagram Following

When you know how, the process is quite
easy. These five techniques will help you start getting more followers in
practically no time at all.

Provide Consistency

From a branding standpoint, Instagram users love to see consistency. That’s exactly what the Samsung Galaxy Note 11 does on their Instagram account. When you begin your account, decide on a theme that you can stick with. If your account is brand-new, spend a little bit of time putting together a bio that captures the essence of your company. Then, add a handful of photos and videos that accurately reflect your brand.

For your profile image, choose your company’s logo or a professional photo. Incorporate the colours of your brand into your profile so that your followers can easily recognize your posts. Don’t forget to make your account public so that people have an easy time finding and viewing your content.  You can also buy Instagram Impressions to help get you started.

Understand Who Your Audience Is and
What Makes Them Tick

Spend time researching your target market,
learning as much as you can about their interests. Focusing your account around
a specific niche will make this process a lot easier. When you create content
that is targeted to a specific audience, it is simpler to get people to engage.
When gathering demographic information about your followers, research how old
they are, whether they are male or female, where they live, what languages they
speak, and when they are most likely to be online. Information like this can
help you tailor your content to your specific audience.

Follow A Set Schedule

The more consistent you are with updating
your account, the easier it will be for your followers to spot your content. Come up
with a schedule
for when you want to post new content. Then, stick as
closely as you can to that schedule. The only exception is if you don’t have
anything good to post. Instead of posting mediocre content, it is best to wait
until you have something worthwhile to share. Quality trumps quantity every
time on Instagram. If you are consistent with posting, however, you should be
able to dramatically grow your following while at the same time increasing

Get Involved with Your Audience

The whole point of having an Instagram
account is to interact with your followers. The more you engage with them, the
more likely you are to build trust. By helping people get to know your company,
you can increase the likelihood of them doing business with you. If you want to
bring more attention to your brand, try holding a contest or giveaway. This
gives you a chance to provide your followers with something of value while at
the same time connecting with other users. Another way to boost engagement is
by asking direct questions when you post new content. Getting feedback from
your followers lets them know that you care about what they think.

Put Hashtags to Good Use

When you post something new on Instagram,
you can include as many as 30 hashtags. These hashtags provide an essential way
to get your content in front of new people. More than that, they also provide
an opportunity to boost engagement. If you choose the right hashtags and
get people to engage with your content, your posts could get featured on the
Explore page, dramatically boosting their visibility. Don’t feel like you must
use all 30 tags. It is better to have a few highly targeted tags than it is to
throw random tags on your post in the hopes that they will help you get
noticed. The most important thing to remember is that your tags should be
relevant. Posting irrelevant hashtags on your content can lead to a shadow ban.

Getting more followers on Instagram is
relatively easy if you are willing to put in the effort. Posting high-quality
content on a consistent basis will naturally result in more engagement. This,
in turn, can make it easier for other people to find your content, allowing you
to grow your account.

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