The Business Case for Social Media
How to Make the Business Case for Social Media Marketing
How to Make the Business Case for Social Media Marketing

“Everyone’s doing social media marketing, but does anyone know if it’s worth the investment? The people we marketers report to—the ones who sign off on budget requests—and we ourselves want to know how we can measure the return on our investment in terms of business metrics like leads and sales.

Throughout 2013, pressure will increase on marketers to use metrics to close the loop between our social efforts and actual revenue.”

That’s the lead-in to a new 14-page eBook just published by NetBase, a social media monitoring, analytics, engagement and publishing company. The eBook is based on a webinar I did for NetBase in January, called “Finally Deliver Measurable Social Media ROI.” It was part of their Social Savvy Webinar Series. If you are interested you can watch the complete, original webinar here.

The new eBook, called Calculating ROI to Make the Business Case for Social Media Marketing, describes a methodology for measuring social ROI, explains where social media fits into the traditional sales funnel familiar to business decision-makers, and offers advice on aligning social goals and metrics. You can get a free copy here.

So if you’re struggling to calculate ROI and persuade the executives at your organization to fund and support more social marketing, check out the eBook. It will give you the understanding and approach to social ROI you need to make a convincing business case for your 2014 budget. Because seriously, covering all of that in a blog post would be…well…too much for any of us to handle!

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Nichole Kelly is the CEO of Social Media Explorer|SME Digital. She is also the author of How to Measure Social Media. Her team helps companies figure out where social media fits and then helps execute the recommended strategy across the “right” mix of social media channels. Do you want to rock the awesome with your digital marketing strategy? Contact Nichole

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