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Instagram Begins Testing of New ‘Creator Accounts’
Instagram Begins Testing of New ‘Creator Accounts’

The number of high profile Instagram users appear to be growing by the day, and the social media platform is taking steps toward improving their strong presence and reach. Instagram is testing new “creator accounts,” adding analytics and messaging features to help influencers gather data and leverage insightful information to publish better content and build a stronger following.

This latest update is still in the testing phase and will roll out next year. According to Instagram’s statement, the creator accounts provide an attractive alternative to Instagram business profiles for influencers. An increasing number of creators use Instagram every day to grow their brands and connect with followers. But the existing tools currently available to businesses no longer meet their growing needs. Creator Accounts are designed to provide creators with the essential tools to help solve their challenges and find new ways to establish their personal brands.

Social media marketing experts feel excited about this update. According to Michael Del Gigante of MDG Advertising, ” “Instagram is all about resonating with your target audience. If you want to become an influencer, it’s imperative that you deliver what your viewers want to see.  With these new features, influencers are going to be able to create more targeted content that resonates with their followers and improves their reach. Overall, it makes sense for Instagram to cater to influencers as they are one of the biggest reasons for Instagram’s core audience to come to the platform in the first place.”

Instagram influencers can now rely on Creator Accounts to quickly connect with potential sponsors and business contacts as well. The message filtering feature, for one, makes it doubly easier to organize messages and separate the most important ones from other messages such as fan mail and spam. High-profile accounts suffer from flooded inboxes the most, so this new way of filtering messages is long overdue.

The influencer accounts will also be equipped with advanced analytics. Using valuable data to observe customer patterns, engagement rates, and buying behaviors will ultimately increase any brand’s personal relationships with their followers. Influencers will be able to track weekly and daily changes in their follower count, for instance. While Instagram business profiles have analytics built in, they can’t get into the specific details that will help creators improve their content and reach.

Aside from helping creators formulate more effective content marketing strategies, advanced analytics is also seen to increase account security. There have been many reports of accounts being more vulnerable to hacking simply due to a lack of complex analytics.

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Many third-party tools claim to provide the same in-depth analytics that Creator Accounts will provide. But users have become wary of using such tools because they are prone to hacking. Cyber hackers often spoof these websites to get users to enter their account details and steal their Instagram profiles. The introduction of Creator Accounts means one less security risk for users, especially popular Instagram users who have given up so much to grow their accounts.

Instagram’s latest update marks an exciting time for the company and their users. It provides an all-in-one solution that takes away the need for third-party tools just to gather important metrics and insightful data about an influencer’s followers. The app continues to test Creator Accounts to identify potential additions that will prove beneficial for the platform’s highest-profile users.

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