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SMM strategy for your college blog
SMM strategy for your college blog

Becoming well-known and recognizable nowadays is not easy. For this aim, many academic establishments all over the USA are putting a lot of money into marketing campaigns because there is such thing as competition among educational institutions. SEO-optimizing websites always begins when specialists complete detailed analysis. This includes a number of issues:

  • attendance;
  • existing traffic sources and their effectiveness;
  • requests and user behavior;
  • presence of duplicate pages;
  • number and correctness of internal or external references, etc.

At this stage, existing problems are identified, non-working methods of promotion are eliminated and processed, a plan for further steps for attracting visitors is drawn up. If you have realized that social media engagement is a valuable step for making a beloved college great again, then be sure that this article will provide you with essential tips for making your college blog the most popular.

  1. Improving Positions

Work on improving website to rank high in different positions. Monitor, analyze, test competitors. Create a list of advantages of your college blog among all others, thereby improving position in search engine marketing. Help the platform to refine search engine rankings in order to become more visible to potential visitors. By the way, according to survey, social platforms that influence students’ decisions the most are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

2. Begin an Education Marketing Campaign

Social media in higher education slightly differs from daily web-content hosting. The aim of such web-content is more strategic than entertaining. Remember while advertising your college blog that students have to clearly understand goals that you want to achieve with your content. Most undergrads are interested in storytelling, so that’s what really unites them. Readers are not interested in simple facts – they do not evoke emotions, they do not induce people to act. If the goal of site is to attract more students attention, tell them a tale of themselves. If you want to help them with studying – show where they can find best term paper writing service, show where to spend their free time within educational institution. The stories are fascinating and working.

  1. Site Maintenance

Support the working capacity of site. Updating and adding information, you make people visit the blog looking for notifications. Update information timely, process information materials before posting them on pages and insert links correctly using additional tags. There are new specialties or courses. Or, maybe there is a profitable practice in canteen. Tell about it online to follow the behavior of site visitors.

  1. Work with the College’s Reputation in the Network

Reputation is like walking on a tightrope – one wrong move – and you are already flying into the abyss of negative public opinion. Do everything possible to maintain a balance of picture and boost loyalty of undergrads, applicants, professors to your beloved college, as well as its services. Higher education marketing has many approaches on hand, but the most efficient ones are those that give a chance to existing undergrads and alumni to become active users of a base of social accounts. Monitor reviews about an alma mater online, work with negative reviews if you want to create a positive reputation.

  1. Targeting-advertising

Conducting an advertising campaign, selecting the target audience based on scope of activity are challenging factors. Help yourself by using MYTarget with a girth of 140 million users, this magic program will help to find those, who will be interested in your product. For instance, lead in your own special hashtag for your college, and for important events taking place there such as graduation, orientation, and class reunions. Your university popularity and ranking might directly be dependent on the quality of content your blog posts so don’t neglect using special tools.

Managing Communities in Social Networks

Millions of people use social media to engage in everyday communication. So, if you will attract attention and win liking of some people, they would most certainly pass a word to their friends. Show users that everything they wrote in public, their comments and views are essential for moderator to understand which content they should post. Speaking of social media and education, consider making rating reviews for publishing them once a month with gratitude and encouragement of “leaders.” Any even slightest encouragement of subscribers for “actions” in public will play in your favor in long term. Give opportunity to your users to communicate, create relevant topics in “Discussions” section. Respond to requests, comment, participate. Photos are a great way to create a visual story of your information. Place reposts, infographics, and author articles keyword including. People prefer images instead of text because they are easier for perceiving and remembering. They turn to facts after they have become interested in something or have made a decision on emotional level.


It is a significant tool in a professional SEO course. This is what helps you to be “real” and build relationships with your visitors. This point becomes important when people choose between different services or sites. Individuality will also help you to tell about yourself, your college and vice versa. Stories that are told from first-person perspective inspire more confidence, especially when readers can imagine storyteller.

Jeremy Raynolds is a professional blogger and freelance essay writer for well-known site His main hobby is solving students’ problems with studies and career. He often writes about things that interest him the most, such as SMM, as well as web-promotion. Lifestyle credo that he says leads his life is “Actions speak louder than words”.

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