Sysomos Offers Facebook Page Monitoring And Moderating Tool
Sysomos Offers Facebook Page Monitoring Solution
Sysomos Offers Facebook Page Monitoring Solution

Sysomos unveiled a new add-on to its social media monitoring platform, this one a feature called Facebook Page Central. The company is billing it as a Facebook Page Management tool. While a matter of semantics, it’s actually a monitoring and workflow solution customized for your company’s Fan page. Useful, but very much a reactive solution, not proactive.

Unlike many of their competitors, Sysomos gives you a tool that allows you to monitor your Fan page for sentiment and tone, quantify the action there and produce reports that are somewhat more robust than Facebook’s Insights. The best part of Page Central is that it does allow you to set auto-moderation. You can search for certain keyword phrases, curse words and so on, and set the tool to automatically delete spam or unwanted posts. It also allows you to flag rather than delete, avoiding unwanted deletions.

Facebook Page Management Tool - SysomosMuch of the notification through Sysomos’s tool runs through email alerts, making it super easy for your staff to keep tabs on your page. Like the company’s other offerings, all the activity there can run through their built-in workflow management tool to allow a multiple team staff to route and respond accordingly.

For a larger company, Facebook Page Central is a nice solution. Hundreds of comments a day are a bitch to moderate. Setting some filters to automate that process a bit can be a huge weight lifted off the social media manager or brand manager’s shoulders. Quantifying your fan page activity and not all Facebook activity that mentions you (like other solutions without this speciality feature) is an added benefit.

Honestly, I continue to be impressed with the add-ons and benefits of the Sysomos offering. Facebook Page Central is a neat addition. I’ll let Nilesh and crew confirm in the comments, but I’m guessing the feature is a price upgrade from the standard Sysomos Heartbeat offering.

My only real criticism is their terminology. A “management” tool for a Facebook page, to me, implies you can use it to proactively post and/or schedule content. Sysomos’s Fan Page Central is more about moderating and analyzing. Yes, you can respond … reactive. But proactive use of your page beyond that level of engagement isn’t possible.

Regardless, it’s just another reason Sysomos continues to rise above most of its competition in the social media monitoring space. And it’s worth checking out if your Facebook Fan Page has even a decent level of activity.

Have you seen anything similar? Are you using Facebook Fan Central? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  • I implement this tool in my facebook fan Page.Its very effective for our fan page.Used it

  • Sysomos Offers Facebook Page Monitoring Solution work has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I refer you blog to many of my friends as well.

  • Thanks for the kind words Jason. As I'm sure you know, we were pretty excited to unveil it and we've been getting some great reaction to it.
    In regards to your question, Page Central does work within our Heartbeat program and integrates into users Heartbeats (at an added-on cost), but we do also offer the software as a stand alone as well.
    We've also heard some users (like yourself) looking for the more proactive uses being built in to the tool, so I would expect some upgrades to it in the future.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos (

  • I think they find it a “management” tool because it's also allows to flag and delete posts.
    The real question is: Will they upgrade the price or not?! I'm not sure how much the Facebook Page Central is a powerful addition. It for sure a nice addition to the existing packages.


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