What Are Women Saying Online?
What Are Women Saying Online?
What Are Women Saying Online?

My partner Aaron Marshall and I joked one day about doing some research for our upcoming industry reports product (first one launches very soon) around what women are talking about online in terms of purchasing items and calling the report, “That’s What She Said.” It got a good laugh, even though both of us then thought seriously about the project. Then I hopped on a call with Visible Technologies to chat about doing a webinar with them and I rolled out that topic as the idea.

They loved it.

Last week, Jennifer Rodriguez and Carly Wilcox from Visible Technologies and I presented “What She Said: How Women’s Social Conversations Impact Buying Intent and Purchasing Behavior” — a webinar that looked into what the fairer sex talks about when mentioning products and services online. We looked into the last quarter of 2011, shaped greatly by holiday shopping, and were able to pull out some interesting insights about what industries, verticals and topics arise when women are chatting online with purchase intent in mind.

Keep in mind that an hour-long webinar only allowed us to scratch the surface. The data we uncovered is but the first two or three layers of insights the research could uncover. But for those of you who market to women (and that’s most of you if we understand our statistics and buying power correctly) this event should be of great use for you.

Here’s the replay. The password for the Private Video is whatshesaid – one word, lower case:

What do you think about the information we found? Obviously, for your brand you would need to dive deeper into specific conversations, follow a few paths of thinking and the like. But it’s interesting to see where some of the topics overlap, how forums and blogs tend to dominate the conversation and more.

For more on Visible Technologies, a sponsor of SME’s Explore event series, hop over to VisibleTechnologies.com and sign up for a demo!

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