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How social media can help you lose weight
How social media can help you lose weight

Managing the right weight is good for your mental and physical health. Being overweight or obese can lead to life-threatening health problems like cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, etc.

The internet is a boon if used judiciously. It can help you de-stress by watching funny videos, learning new ways of doing things, and in a better way, it can help to keep you informed about the world and can help you in so many other ways to make your life more comfortable.

As per some studies, 70% of Americans use social media regularly that has made the line between the real and virtual world a thin one, social media is increasingly impacting our daily life, both in good and bad ways.

Several research studies have found that social media can help you to improve your eating habits and motivate you to engage in physical activity which can help you in reducing weight.

Here are some of the ways how social media can help you lose weight.

1.    Share your goals with others

You should share your goals with others, it will help you to stay honest with yourself, and only will power is not going to be enough to achieve your goal of losing weight.

You should publish posts sharing your goals with others, it will help you stay true to yourself and the readers may share their helpful tips and success stories that may keep you motivated till you achieve success in losing weight.

Social media will tell you that sufficient good quality sleep is a must to stay motivated and focused on achieving the goal of losing those extra pounds. A perfect sleep environment with the right mattress should help you to get sufficient good quality sleep.

2.    Build support to stay motivated

In addition to your close friends and family members, you should find cheerleaders whom you meet online, to keep you motivated. Sometimes, neutral people whom you have never met personally can help you to stay more motivated than your near and dear ones.

You should be able to find these cheerleaders on social media like Twitter or Instagram, where people have found more encouragement from their followers than family and friends.

3.    Find your tribe

You should search for people who are willing to join you on your journey of losing weight because your family members and close friends may not require you to join you in your training sessions.

You should join online groups that share the same interests and goals of losing weight. It will help you to ask questions, get advice. If you are fortunate enough, you may be able to find a workout partner from these groups.

4.    Use connected Apps to track your efforts

You should start using connected Apps to track your efforts and food intake as they can help you evaluate and let you know whether you are working out enough, eating enough while trying to meet your goals. You should not starve yourself to meet weight loss goals, it can ruin your metabolism and you may develop other health issues.

5.    Switch things up

You may start to lose motivation by doing the same thing over and over again, whether it is eating the same type of food or the same workout drills day in and day out. You can take help from social media, as it can be the perfect place to get new recipes and workout ideas that will help you stay motivated when your current routine is not feeling you stay motivated enough to achieve your goal.

6.    Find motivation

You should try to find motivation online by looking through online posts, pictures, diet plans that will help you in achieving the goal of losing weight. It is not only the posts, pictures, diet plans from connected people but others who are not connected to you but may still be helpful on your journey.

7.    Celebrate wins of yours as well as that of others

You should celebrate your wins, even the minor ones by posting your progress pictures or posts on social media. Your followers are surely going to commend you on your efforts and it will help you to stay motivated

Don’t forget to praise others on social media for their wins.

8.    Don’t compare yourself to others

You should not compare yourself with others on social media, your journey to lose weight should stay your own. Comparing yourself with others may push you back and you may end up feeling less motivated.


Managing the right weight is good for your health. Being overweight or obese can result in developing life-threatening diseases and less productive life. You should use social media to help you on your journey to lose weight and keep you motivated throughout your journey and stay focused on maintaining the right weight thereafter.

However, don’t forget virtual life has its disadvantages, and you should limit the use of social media. Social media should not replace your actual life and you should focus on real-life experiences and relationships and not only on virtual ones.

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