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How To Use Social Media And Online Reviews To Research A Company
How To Use Social Media And Online Reviews To Research A Company

Word of mouth and newspaper reviews used to be the way
people could research whether a company or business is high quality or not.
Luckily in the digital age of social media and online reviews finding out about
a business like a restaurant is a quick online search away. The one aspect of
online reviews to factor in is that there are going to be fake reviews. Reviews
that are very specific about the service are important to note whether they are
negative or positive. Review websites try to eliminate fake reviews but those
writing the fake reviews are coming up with new ways to game the system. The
following are tips to help use social media and online reviews to research
companies and businesses in the 4 categories below.

Digital Marketing

A digital marketing company or agency that does not have
social media accounts or any reviews are not experts in the field. Building a
following is important in this niche and online reviews being absent can be
replaced at times with impressive testimonials. Big name companies endorsing the
skills of the company is something to note as leading people astray could lead
to lessening of reputation for the person giving the recommendation. Social
media accounts with a few thousand followers is the minimum to start working
with a company as this should be a rule of thumb.

Legal Representation

Legal representation like that of a car accident
attorney in Jackson Mississippi
or lawyer for criminal defense lawyer in
Tampa will be of incredible importance to research. An attorney that always
settles or has a massively bad trial record can ruin the lives of their
clients. Clients that have had bad experiences will flock online to let others
know about what they experienced. Good attorneys will have examples of
settlements or plea bargains on their website or trial results available on demand.
A social media presence can show that a law firm is detail oriented as not
every firm participates in social media marketing.

Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites should always be researched before
entering your credit card information into them. There are far too many
illegitimate ecommerce websites that look exactly like legitimate websites. The
only difference is that your information is being stolen or you are getting
products that are knockoffs or second hand being passed off as new. Consumers do
not stand for this type of nonsense so they will make it known online about
these scams and low quality online stores.

Restaurant Establishment (Not Part Of A National or Regional Chain)

Yelp is a great resource for people trying to find out about
the best restaurants in town. The reviews that are provided can do everything
from tell you which server to ask for to helping assist you with what to order.
Not all establishments advertise their deals effectively so checking reviews
can be important. For your favorite establishments you should follow their
social media accounts as they might have special events going on. Number of
reviews being high makes the chances of them being true far higher. A
restaurant with 20 reviews might just be reviewed by employees, family, and
friends of the owners.

Social media and online reviews allow people to become as
informed as possible before spending their money with a business. Your money
should be spent with the peace of mind you are getting the best service or
product possible!

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