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Mobile Phone and Instagram Bans Are Common in Schools
Mobile Phone and Instagram Bans Are Common in Schools

It has always been an ongoing debate about whether mobile devices and social media should be allowed in the school campus or not. But the majority is formed with people of the opinion that there has to be a restriction on the use of social media like Instagram and mobile phones in the educational institutions by students. There are many alterations to this but the favorable side on these restrictions has always been the strongest.

Factors Of Disturbing

There are numerous reasons for authorities to have decided to restrict or ban the use of social media or mobile phones, especially inside the campus.

Firstly, apps like Instagram installed on mobile devices such as tablets, phones and everything similar able to establish an internet connection and to notify with a signal are big distraction factors. They hold the capabilities to disturb the whole campus. Children go to school primarily for acquiring education and this couple of factors connected to each other simply takes the education far away. Students if granted the use of social media in school, are always observed discussing what to post, how many Instagram likes did they get, how many followers do they have, how to buy Instagram likes etc. instead of discussing what did they read, or what did they studied. Imagine a sudden and loud ringing in the class, it will, of course, disturb not only the whole class but also the teacher.  So distraction is a major reason why the mobile devices and gadgets along with media activities on Instagram and other platforms are not encouraged in schools.

Secondly, if the students are constantly engaged in using Instagram on their phones in the school, they will lack attention in class, not understand concepts that are taught, face issues in their examinations, and so many more such issues in their academics, that will prove to be harmful in the long run. Continuously being online on Instagram and receiving notifications about social activity or direct messages every minute will distract not only the person who has it but also other students in the class.

From Instagram Likes To The Obsession

Adding to these, there are many kinds of misuses that have shown up in the recent past of Instagram and smartphones. Some children have also been caught red-handed who were using their devices in the examination hall to cheat on the exam. They searched for answers on the internet while giving the exam, which is a bad habit and also an unfair practice towards students who genuinely worked hard for it. Also, there have been cases where the students were caught taking pictures and stories in the class or in the washroom, photos of their teachers, etc. and posting it on Instagram to get more likes instead of getting focused on their studies.

Along with this, Instagram if used in excess, it can turn into an obsession. It has also been seen that students, in order to gain popularity, engage in acts of even buying likes, or followers, etc. for their posts on social media. They spend money on such unnecessary things which has absolutely no productive output for the students.

More Of Negative Aspects

Definitely, all these reasons are evident enough to restrict uses of phones and social media in school but also, school is the place where the students spend the maximum of their time after their homes. This measure of restricting phones in school not only has above-mentioned negative aspects but also has many benefits wherein it reduces the screen-time of the children which in turn maintains good eyesight, allows face-to-face interactions breaking the virtual world, establishing better interpersonal relationships, etc. Restricted use of Instagram also contributes largely in reducing the social evil of cyber-bullying.

Along with these benefits, reduced use of phones and social media also promotes and encourages creative thinking. If smartphones are allowed in school, all the ideas, answers, projects, etc. would be done with ideas copied from the internet. Whereas restricting the use of them will push children to think out of the box, come up with original ideas, and engage in creative thinking as well. Therefore, with very practical and logical reasoning of the negative aspects along with the positive benefits of restricting smart cellular devices and Instagram in the school, everything weighs in favor of the decision to do so

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