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How to Make Awesome Videos for Social Media
How to Make Awesome Videos for Social Media

In 2022, video will be the king of social media content. 82% of consumer internet traffic goes to video. This is 15 times what it was in 2017 – a trend that was impossible to predict. We’re reading less than ever and, instead, users want to watch as much content as possible. This is why TikTok is on the rise as Facebook goes into decline. So if you want to raise your social media game this year, it all comes down to making awesome videos.

Keep it Short

The sheer amount of video content users are watching means that every click has a high opportunity cost. While they’ll want to watch hour-long videos occasionally, this means they’re missing out on 60 one-minute clips. In general, short and sweet videos get more views, earning your company more exposure.

Having a shorter video also allows you to spend more time thinking about the quality of every shot. This means you can choose only the absolute best footage to blow your audience away. On the other hand, the longer a video gets, the more fluff and filler are required. If you’re working on a complicated topic, then opt for a series of short videos rather than one long one.

Don’t Neglect Audio 

Many beginner video producers overlook the importance of sound. It’s easy to think that the visual quality is all that matters. However, audio is what tells the story. It creates the atmosphere, punctuating moments in time. People talking in the background, the whistling of the wind, or even complete silence can all paint a picture even more vividly than actual pictures.

With that in mind, think about your microphone. Most smartphone cameras have enough quality to capture beautiful images. However, the microphone is only made for phone calls. Invest in an external microphone to ensure crisp audio quality that picks up what you need and reduces unnecessary noise.

Meet Professional Production Standards

Online video was expected to be a bit grainy and shaky in the past. These days, though, there’s no excuse. With the average smartphone capable of creating beautiful 4K footage, uploading anything less than production quality is unforgivable. Even the biggest media companies now film using a standard iPhone. Most viewers will switch off if the quality of a video is lacking.

You can easily learn some basic camera skills for free online. However, you’ll achieve better results by outsourcing the camera work to a professional. Find someone local, too. For instance, if you’re making a film about Colorado, then work with a Denver video production company. They’ll make sure your footage is up to the high standards of social media consumers.

This year, the winners of social media marketing will be those that focus on video. This is what consumers want, so it’s important to try and do this as well as possible. This can help your brand gain more followers and, hopefully, lead to higher conversion rates. Follow the three tips above to move towards a better video marketing strategy.

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