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Can the Future of School Be More Social?
Can the Future of School Be More Social?

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools transitioned from traditional face-to-face learning to remote learning. Many families were nervous that this switch would hinder their children’s education, but reports from these students and their families post-pandemic tell a very different story. Let’s learn more about the future of school.

Traditional face-to-face learning has not changed much in the past few decades, and this is actually harming students. Most students report only remembering about 40% of the information that they learn, doing work simply to earn a passing grade, and 86% of students even report cheating at some point in school. Tragically, there has also been a rise in bullying in face-to-face schools and teens are now 5x more likely to suffer from mental illness than previous generations. When students switched to online school, there were some positive trends that saw students enjoying school more and improving their overall grades. 

Post pandemic, 57% of students report feeling more positive about online schooling while only 19% of students prefer the traditional in-person school. These students’ families agree that online education is beneficial for their students, and they often link these benefits to the more flexible schedule, safer environment, and opportunity for family involvement that remote learning offers. 

While students and their families state that they enjoy remote learning more than face-to-face learning, that is not the only proof that we have to show that remote learning is beneficial. Studies show that online students perform better overall than face-to-face students, and that they retain 25-60% more information! 

It is clear that changes are needed in teaching young minds. With students reporting that they enjoy remote learning and the positive changes that are already occurring from offering remote courses, transitioning to hybrid or remote learning opportunities could be the future of school.

What Does the Future of School Look Like?

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