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Top-6 Tips to Enhance your Social Media Images
Top-6 Tips to Enhance your Social Media Images

If you have been an active user of social media long enough, you certainly understand the importance of the right images. They draw attention to the text and help people visualize your message. So if your goal is to attract new audience, the first step is to learn the art of imagery and start posting only the best and finest pictures. This article will teach you how to increase the quality of them and give you some tips about methods, captions and editing software.

1. Know Your Strategy

Before you start building up your accounts on social media, make an extensive plan. Firstly, decide who is your target audience and try to visualize the content they are most likely to enjoy. Depending on the social media platform, adjust your strategy accordingly. Additionally, create recurring themes for your account, like traveling, fashion, food, etc. Finally, always consider timing – post at peak times and prepare special content for the holidays.

2. Learn the Basics

If you are only an aspiring blogger, make sure to study the basics. Check if your subject is clear, try not to use many models and items at once, at least, not in the beginning. Someday, when you are more experienced, you can try getting out of your comfort zone but now let’s create one at first. Besides that, always keep in mind the rule of thirds, which teaches us that asymmetry is attractive and that the subject should not be right in the center of the photo. In addition, use the natural light and think about the color palette.

3. Adjust Image Size

Prior to uploading a picture, get acquainted with the specifications of this particular platform and adjust the image size accordingly. Otherwise, your photo might be stretched or cropped, leaving out important parts of it. And don’t forget about the resolution: post images with 300 dpi. Furthermore, keep in mind, that your content will be displayed differently depending on the device. So check your analytics to learn what devices your audience uses and adjust your content in accordance with them.

4. Add Text

When it comes to the text, first of all, make sure that your grammar and spelling are flawless. Also, try out different fonts to see which one goes better and pay attention to the contrast between the text and the background to make your message readable. On top of that, don’t write too much, your message should not exceed 20% of the photo, according to statistics from Facebook.

5. Get the Best Software

Choosing the right software is one of the most important parts of your journey on social media. If you prefer to edit photos on your phone, give a try to Snapseed. It has all the essential editing tools, along with filters and professional options like Curves and White Balance. In case you are more comfortable working on your computer, check out PhotoWorks – an automatic photo editor, that will turn your photos into pro-level work in no time. The program contains both one-click solutions and professional tools, so regardless of your expertise, you will easily master the craft of photo editing.

As you can see, our tips are simple and mostly self-explanatory, so give them a try and you will get the immediate result. If some parts seem difficult and confusing, don’t worry, just take the first step, gain experience and soon you will be a social media guru yourself.

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