Should Your Packaging Explain Your Product?
Should Your Packaging Explain Your Product?
Should Your Packaging Explain Your Product?

Product packaging is certainly not a frequent topic we cover here on Social Media Explorer, but I received a gift recently that, frankly, I couldn’t figure out, even after I opened it. Oddly, after I went to their website, I was able to ascertain what the product was, but only through context clues and assumptions. I still can’t figure out what this product actually is or does in some sort of official way from the brand.

The item, which came in a box that simply said, “Power Balance Performance Technology,” (I would tell you what the product was but again, I don’t know) appears to be some sort of necklace. I assume, because of the indication that professional athletes use it, that it’s one of those golf bracelet type magnetic alignment thingamabobs that’s supposed to make you Lebron James overnight or something. But I can’t confirm that.

Even the company’s website is written in such a vague way that all I can identify this item as is a, “silicone pendant.” Nothing on the site explains what the silicone pendant does. The closest it comes is by saying, “… these pendants were designed with performance in mind. Complete with two Power Balance holograms, you get the same functionality as all Power Balance products.” No where did I find what those same functions were.

Here’s the video so you can see the package for yourself:

So what do you think? Are only “it-getters” going to buy this? Does it need a product description somewhere? It was given to me as a gift. Why would I use it if I have no clue what it does or does not do. I’m confused, but am I missing something? Would you agree the packaging is flawed? The website? Interested in your thoughts.

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