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Socialmuse Review
Socialmuse Review

The team at socialmuse approached me with the opportunity to use their service *for free* so I wanted to report back on my experience and results as many of my readers are looking for ways to organically grow their Instagram pages.

What is Socialmuse?

Socialmuse offers a unique value proposition that I haven’t seen with other “bots”. Their service is comprised of 25% Automation and 75% human power. You get the perks of using an automation tool with the tremendous upside of personal strategy, guidance, and support from one of their growth strategists. Additionally you get an impressive suite of advanced analytics tools.

Key Features


With the automation tools, you can control up to 5 locations, gender, age, behaviour, interests, and similarities. In the backend, they use machine learning models to only interact with real accounts matching the different filtering criteria. For added safety measures, the service uses micro-interactions such as story viewing, comment liking, live viewing, and occasional post liking. This ensures your account doesn’t get flagged my Instagram.


Socialmuse offers an incredible analytics tool where they use predictive machine learning to forecast key metrics including estimated future likes, followers, and follower attrition. Additionally, you can visualize your accounts growth rate and engagement levels.


Utilizing the strategy feature of socialmuse was the highlight of my experience. I was connected through the platform with Jackson. He immediately made an audit of my account and sent me a list of action items to boost engagement and attract more followers. He also reviewed my content and made some suggestions on what I should improve. Over the next several days, he proposed different ideas and strategies for me to implement which has worked really well so far. He even proactively updated my automation filters to make sure it was targeting as effectively as possible.


From my current experience, socialmuse has been an incredibly safe tool for me. I had a brief chat with the CEO, Tomasz, who mentioned they use Instagrams Private API to authenticate Instagram accounts and regularly test their infrastructure and integrations to identify any vulnerabilities to their systems. Their primary focus has been ensuring that no account gets flagged or blocked – over the last two years they’ve had a 97% account safety rate. 


Socialmuse offers a very premium, white glove service and experience so it’s price point is a bit higher than its competitors. Their basic service is $79 a month, Advanced is $139 a month, and Agency plan is $199 a month. The key difference between the plans is the number of Instagram accounts you can have and a few upgraded features. I used their Advanced plan on my account.

If you can afford it, it’s well worth the cost.


Socialmuse was founded in 2017 by Tomasz Kowalski (CEO) and Arjun Agarwal (CTO) and is based in Brooklyn, New York. My interactions with the various team members from Max who runs support, Jackson my strategist, to Tomasz, has been very positive. It’s refreshing to work with a company who truly cares about its customers and their success.

I highly recommend you give socialmuse a try if you’re serious about growing your Instagram page and business. Their product, experience, and support is on a different level than any of the other services I’ve used in the past.

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