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Marijuana and Social Media
Marijuana and Social Media

Marijuana has come back into the limelight in many ways these past few years. In the USA, many states have allowed the medical use of cannabis, and worldwide it has become accepted as a medical and occasionally recreational tool. Companies can now legally offer the public a variety of marijuana seeds to grow personal or commercial plants.

This means that for those that have access to it or wish they did, weed has become a new fad on social media.

The Major Issue

Cannabis has one major downfall on large social media sites. The substance is still considered illegal on many social platforms, and this has severely limited the value that marijuana currently has online.

Many businesses and users are cautious about placing such content on their timelines, as the post may be removed in minor circumstances. In significant cases, the user or business’s profile may be removed entirely from the social media platform.

Different Experiences

Many influencers seek to discover and experience a vast amount of things, and occasionally one of these is the use of cannabis. Alternatively, the influencer themselves may be using marijuana for medical purpose and has plenty of knowledge to share.

The plant has a variety of strains and thus provides many different flavors for you to experience and enjoy. 


Another aspect that explains the value of marijuana is how it allows one to express themselves. This can be great for creative posts and coming up with ideas. The substance itself can be consumed in a variety of ways, including edibles, smoking, and oil.

Pipes and other equipment that you’ll need to smoke the plant come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Searching any online retailer that stocks the components, you may find grinders in the form of a Pokeball, the Death Star, or even one designed to imitate a Duracell battery.

Weed pipes come in a wider and more colorful variety than the standard wooden pipes you’d find for smoking tobacco. These come mainly in glass or ceramic and are as equally unique as the grinders.

The Products

These products allow you to enjoy cannabis in many different forms, many using the CBD oils extracted from the plant. These will enable you to receive the same effects and benefits as smoking or digesting the plant. 


While the idea may seem a bit absurd, it’s not much different from using cannabis oil in your own DIY toothpaste. All in all, it’s as great a way to freshen your breath as it is to write a social media post about this weird experience.


When mixing the perfect drink, these can make for a more exceptional experience and enhance the flavor. Showing off cocktails mixed using the liquids can make for a great video on your channel.

You can find cannabinoid bitters that go perfectly with Whiskey, Tea, Bubblewater, Gin, Tequila, and more. You’ll find many flavors as well, including Cherry, Orange, and Lime. It’s a range suitable for showing off.


If you love showing off your sweet tooth to your followers, then you’ll have a field day exploring all the possible candy options. Enjoy candyfloss, ice cream, popsicles, gummies, and many many more all made with CBD oil.


Although not exactly social media, you’ll find a blog about almost anything, including cannabis. A marijuana dedicated blog can help anyone find a community for growing or using this much-loved plant.

Unlike social media platforms, blogs won’t restrict content. You’ll find new recipes, growing tips, information about strains, and more on a variety of blogs.

So, What Value Does it Bring?

Many use the marijuana plant in various ways. Social media can unite these people and bring them closer while educating them. This value, however, is undermined by the current limitations set by the restrictions on various platforms.

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