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4 Social-Media Tips for Businesses in Niche Industries
4 Social-Media Tips for Businesses in Niche Industries

Exposure is what nearly every company wants. Exposure on social media means greater name recognition, more eyes on your content, more traffic heading to your website, and ultimately, more money coming into your company. Or at least, that’s the prevailing wisdom. In reality, though, most businesses will fail to gain widespread popularity on social media. For every business video that goes viral, there are tens of thousands that are seen by only a handful of individuals. Companies that operate in niche industries need to understand this and craft their social-media strategies accordingly. The good news is, these businesses can generate profitable opportunities on social-media platforms –– provided they follow a savvy gameplan. These four tips will help your team do just that. Check them out here:

Define Your Audience

Tempting though it may be, niche businesses should resist the urge to try and create social-media content that everyone can relate to. Rather, it’s much better to zero in on the audience that your business interacts with on a regular basis. As such, marketers should first look to define and designate their target audience. Take some time to create buyer personas and conduct interviews with existing customers to figure out what resonates with them most.

Educate & Inform

Some businesses don’t have to explain their product or service at all. Everyone knows what to expect from a bicycle shop or a deli, for instance. However, for companies operating in the B2B sector or other niche areas, it’s often necessary to educate consumers about their product first. Remember, before a consumer can begin to engage with your company, they have to first understand your modus operandi. Given that fact, creating social-media posts that educate the public about your business is typically a good idea.

Respond to Comments and Questions

This is a good rule of thumb for all businesses to follow, but small companies in particular should look to capitalize on any form of engagement they receive. If one of your followers poses a question or concern on your Facebook page, for example, make it a point to follow up with them in a timely fashion. Failing to do so will harm your attempts to generate positive social awareness for your brand.

Embrace Your Culture

You shouldn’t have to apologize for offering a niche service or product. Instead, your social media accounts should be a celebration of your field. Niche businesses are ideally situated to create online communities for people who enjoy a product or service. Encourage your consumer base to share their stories with you and others. In the long run, this activity will lead to an enhanced digital reputation and more sales.

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