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5 Timeless Social-Media Best Practices
5 Timeless Social-Media Best Practices

Fads come and go all the time. In fact, thanks to social-media platforms, trends go in and out of style faster than ever. This can create a problem for business owners. Namely: how to create content on social media that resonates with a target audience. After all, if consumer preferences are constantly changing, how can you feasibly construct a long-term social-media strategy? The key, often, comes down to adhering to several timeless social-media best practices that have (and will) stand the test of time. Here, we’ll outline five such techniques and explain why they’ll always provide value for your business: 

Stay Active

Want to make sure that your business never fades into obscurity? Then you have to make a consistent effort to post regularly on social media. Some business owners may feel that their social-media efforts are a waste of time or money. However, the reality is that a little engagement is better than none at all. It’s imperative that your brand remains active –– if for no other reason than to retain credibility among your customer base.

Match Tone & Content

Most marketers would advise businesses to adopt a lighthearted voice when posting on social media. Yet, this one-size-fits-all advice actually doesn’t. Rather, it’s important for businesses to align their style in conjunction with the content they’re producing. It’s okay to discuss serious issues on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now. Just make sure you do so in a respectful manner.

Include a Picture

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Is it particularly innovative to include an image, graphic, or picture to go along with the written copy of a social media post? No. Is it smart to continue to use images anyway? Absolutely. The data doesn’t lie. Visuals and videos make a big impact when it comes to capturing the attention of your target audience.

Don’t Plagiarize

Though this should be obvious by now, some inexperienced individuals may think that everything on the internet exists under public domain. This is not the case. Stealing someone else’s work –– their words, images, or videos –– without permission could land your company in serious legal trouble. (For more information on business law, contact a professional organization like Sivia Law.)

Deliver Quality Content

As mentioned above, fads come and go with the blink of an eye. The one constant that consumers will always value is quality content. Businesses that use their resources to craft meaningful blog posts and engaging videos don’t have to worry about passing cultural trends. Rather, they can instead depend on high-class work to generate leads and sales. At the end of the day, this will prove the most reasonable –– and sustainable –– strategy for most digital marketers to follow in regard to social media.

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