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Direct Response Copywriting That Will Effectively Convert Readers to Customers
Direct Response Copywriting That Will Effectively Convert Readers to Customers

Copywriting is an art; your every word has meaning and should be backed by emotion. Unlike the ads you see on TV that want the viewer to remember the advertised product in the future, direct response copywriting aims at inspiring the buyer as soon as they finish reading the piece. Direct response is the epitome reward of copywriting. You want your readers to take action when they are done reading the copy, could be making a purchase, subscribing for a newsletter among others. This calls for emotionally reaching your readers and addressing their immediate needs. 

Understanding Your Readers

Understanding your readers will help you understand their needs and thus write a compelling piece. Interviewing the client will help you learn more about their product, their target market as well as the value proposition. A copywriter will greatly benefit from analyzing the potential customers, read product reviews; conducting surveys will help you understand the potential buyers on a deeper level. 

David Ogilvy considered as the father of modern advertising once stated that when addressing your readers, you should speak to them on a personal level. Remember each of them will read the piece alone; speak to them personally on behalf of your client. When you understand the readers’ needs and combine that with the personal approach, you will have a very effective copywriting. As a copywriter understand that there is no marketing without the customer, focus on them in your work. Finding the Perfect Headline for Your Piece The headline of your piece is the first thing the reader will see, it can either encourage them to delve into the piece or not. Here are some pointers that will help you come up with a catchy headline. 

1.Urgency-write a headline that urges the reader to take action immediately or they could miss out on a great deal.

2.Be specific-be precise on the headline so that the readers can know what to expect for the piece has a value defined heading simple and to the point. 

3.Uniqueness-a unique headline is likely to interest the reader and encourage them to read more. 

4.Questions-using a question in your headline relating to the potential customers will encourage them to read the piece. 

Consider Long-Form Copywriting 

Your goal with copywriting is to convince people to take action; giving the reader more information is likely to more persuasive. In all honesty it is harder to convince someone to do something with a single sentence; however, with a whole page of information, you are likely to convince the reader. Don’t shy away from long forms of copywriting, the more information you provide your readers about the product in question, the more their interest is picked and the more they are likely to follow up on the action required. A short piece will most likely fail to provide all the necessary information leaving the reader wanting more and unable to decide to take any action. 

Craft a Powerful Call to Action 

You cannot have effective marketing without a call to action. This is where you clearly state the goal of your piece. With direct response copywriting, the goal is to persuade the reader to take a specific action that will lead to sales. The call to action results in the conversion you are looking for. If you focus on sales, you will get sales. 
Direct response copywriting is highly effective; the return on investment is very high. Companies should be open to the idea of hiring a great copywriter and they can reap the benefits of using direct response copywriting.

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