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3 Disastrous Mistakes in Digital Marketing
3 Disastrous Mistakes in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of those 21st-century professions that emerged with the rise of

technology and the evolution of the internet. The business shares this important quality: it evolved by rapid change!

The market landscape still changes at an unprecedented pace, so every aspect is still largely unexplored. It is expected that companies make mistakes. However, not all mistakes are equal. Avoiding preventable errors should be a ‘rule of thumb’ for every marketing business.

The Lack of Patience 

A wise person once commented, “Waiting is the hardest part.” Judging by the actions of some business owners and marketing agencies, there is more than a little truth in the saying. Results seldom come overnight, just because the market landscape changes so rapidly.

Reliance on the digital world has made many of us spoiled for choice, and out of touch with reality. In the real world there is no magic “click here” button that will deliver us what we order.

These technologies we work with are tools; the target audience is still human. Today we are surrounded by information from all sides. We need time to process it all. Only then can we know if the strategy is a success or if it requires adjustments. 

No Clear Goal

The internet has connected people and organizations all around the globe. This connectivity opened a lot of doors for the businesses, but also created a barrier at the same time: it diminished the perceived importance of setting a goal. 

Many businesses push a presence on as many social media platforms as possible. When you ask them why, they will shrug their shoulders in submission and say how they use these platforms because everyone else does. 

Marketing is virtually useless if not directed. Without a clear direction, your message will not reach those who are interested in your service or product. There might be a gold mine waiting for you, but without planning and setting directions, you’ll never find it. 

Quantity over Quality 

The internet is crammed with content. We would go so far and say it has too much of it. What the internet lacks, however, is high quality, fulfilling content. Just creating more of the same “stuff” won’t attract many new clients to your business.

Captivating, remarkable, and curiosity raising content, on the other hand, will do wonders for your business. Instead of writing fifteen blog posts in a month, for example, let’s put that same energy into creating one or two spectacular ones.

Before filming any videos or writing blog posts, take a minute to learn for whom you are creating this content. A vegan-oriented website, for example, won’t take too kindly to an article called “Best Hunting Locations on the East Coasts in 2022”.

Flawless Marketing Strategy 

Making mistakes is how we grow as humans and professionals. The shame is not in acknowledging where we went wrong, but in not acting upon it. Businesses often lack patience when implementing their new strategies. The golden rule in business is quality over quantity. Some businesses tend to forget.

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