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Ryan Rock, Ankeny Digital Entrepreneur, Discusses How to Evaluate Your Own Performance as a Leader
Ryan Rock, Ankeny Digital Entrepreneur, Discusses How to Evaluate Your Own Performance as a Leader

Leaders spend their time managing the workplace, making sure everything goes smoothly and evaluating their employees. But, when you’re always the one doing evaluations, who evaluates your own performance? In this article, entrepreneur and leader Ryan Rock reveals three things you can do to improve yourself as a member of your business or company when you don’t have the option of being evaluated by someone in a higher position than you. From there, you can reach goals and continue to enhance the company by being self-aware.

Here are a few tips on how to evaluate yourself shared by Ryan Rock, Ankeny native:

  1. Try to Remain Neutral

This may be the most difficult, but it is the most important to keep in mind.

Maintaining a neutral standpoint on yourself means you’ll be more open to change and advice on improvement. If you are convinced you cannot do any wrong, then issues may begin to appear, as this can not only create friction in the workplace, but it can also prevent yourself from improving both as a person and as a leader.

Additionally, try and evaluate yourself as you would with your employees. Ask yourself, “if an employee did this, how would I feel about this?” And try and answer that question honestly. Proofread your work with a critical eye, rather than immediately approve it without giving it a second thought. Hold yourself to standards that are higher than the ones you expect employees to have. That is how you remain neutral.

  1. Give Employees Chances to Evaluate You

If there is no one ranking above you, then ask those under you for feedback. Having constructive criticism can highlight the areas that you’re doing well in and the areas where you need to improve upon.

The trick to making employee feedback work is to ensure that everything they say is completely anonymous and confidential. No one wants to say something negative about their boss if they think it could come back to them, even if it’s something that could ultimately make progress in the company.

Today, there are plenty of online tools to help with this. A simple online search will show plenty of websites that your employees can log in to in order to leave feedback. Otherwise, have your secretary type up written feedback absent of names to keep things anonymous.

  1. Do Plenty of Self-Reflection

On top of having a neutral standpoint, it’s important to constantly reflect on yourself and check that what you’re doing is meeting the company’s standards and goals.

Whether you’re the one who started the company or you were hired on later, it’s important to make sure everything is done according to the company’s original vision. Getting the employees on board can help you stay grounded and keep you accountable for this.

About Ryan Rock:

In 2018, Ryan Rock, Ankeny resident, launched a general design-build contracting company that provides services to industries such as agricultural, biofuels, industrial, and commercial. With a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Iowa State University, Rock strives to complete any project with the highest quality at the lowest cost.

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