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Everything You Need to Know About the Extreme Motus Wheelchair
Everything You Need to Know About the Extreme Motus Wheelchair

In the world we live in, there are a huge amount of amazing experiences that we can enjoy. From hiking, ice-fishing to various other outdoor activities, there is an unlimited amount of things for us to enjoy.

However, for those less-abled, this is not the case. In fact, there are very few extreme outdoor activities that wheelchair users can participate in. Rough terrain and steep slopes can make it impossible for anyone in a wheelchair to enjoy these activities that able-bodied people take for granted.

This is where the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair comes in. Designed by the company Extreme Motus, the Emma X3 wheelchair has been specifically designed to allow wheelchair users to experience outdoor adventures with ease. The company’s goal is to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy their favourite activities, regardless of their disability. They are working hard to make nature wheelchair accessible.

The Design

So, how does this wheelchair manage to perform over all different kinds of terrain? The design of the Emma X3 is unique in that it can perform well on difficult terrain. Here are some of its features that make it such an incredible off-terrain wheelchair:

·       Super Lightweight- the Emma X3 is only 49 pounds, meaning that it can easily be pushed on all kinds of terrain.

·       Floats in water- perfect for any activities that include water.

·       Glides over sand and rocks with ease- perfect for any mountainous treks or hiking.

·       Compact- despite the fact that this wheelchair is big enough to accommodate all types of people, the chair folds in half quickly, making it compact and easy to store and to travel with.

·       Low pressure tires- provide a smooth ride over any bumps in the road.

·       Adjustable height- allows the chair to be pushed by people of different sizes. 

It is clear to see that the Emma X3 is perfectly designed for all types of outdoor activity. However, you don’t have to be an extreme sports fanatic to use this wheelchair. The Emma X3 is designed for anyone who has to use a wheelchair. It can help with everyday movement, from fields to the sidewalk, the Emma X3 can make any journey by wheelchair easier.

Why Emma?

Emma was the young girl who inspired Dale and Todd, the innovators behind the Extreme Motus company. Sadly, Emma was paralysed as a young girl when a tree unexpectedly fell on top of her. Despite being paralysed from the waist down, this never stopped Emma from experiencing everything she could. One of the responding firefighters, Dale, kept in touch with Emma, and decided to design a wheelchair with his friend, Todd, a machinist, for her so that she would be able to hike up two mountains. Thus, the first version of the Emma X3 was born.


The Emma X3 is the perfect wheelchair for people who want to enjoy hiking, camping, snowshoeing, or visiting the beach  in an all terrain wheelchair. Its ergonomic and innovative design allows it to function in all terrains.

My favorite thing about the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair is how it unites families and allows them to do things together they have never been able to do before. If there is someone in your family with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, a traumatic brain injury, or other disability that prevents them from enjoying the outdoors the Emma X3 will open new opportunities for your entire family. 

Most importantly, the Emma X3 means that everyone, regardless of their disability, are able to do what they love, with nothing to hold them back. 

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