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Social Networking App Boosts Art Sales Using Social Media
Social Networking App Boosts Art Sales Using Social Media

By: Melchor Moore

Professional painters and artists are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to attract viewers and buyers to our artwork.

Myself and a team of artists (Anna Duvall, Steve Maker, Melchor Moore) decided to promote a gallery popup event in Portland, Oregon under the umbrella of an interior designer as a host to our artists’ talks, which is basically a meet and greet that introduces people to an artist’s current body of work.

We were already­­ using social networking apps like Meetup, but started using a Portland based app LetzDoIt, which is designed to let followers know your exact location for a period of one hour.  Most people we saw using the app were using the app to invite their friends to come have a cocktail or eat together, since the app saves people the trouble of having to send a text to all their possible contacts that may be available to meet them.  

We saw a niche and decided to promote the usage of the app on our social media platforms, and the event drew the attention of co-founder, Mirco Fiaschi, who was impressed by our turn out.  He later reached out to us and asked to host the three artists featured at the popup gallery to host a panel discussion aimed at emerging artitsts (artists just entering the art market), so that we could present to them how we became professional artists and to discuss some of the challenges that face us.

The app found a winery in Northwest Portland, Cerulean Wine, to host the event and it even provided us with a pretty outstanding flyer.  Overall, our experience on the LetzDoIt app was a tremendous success.  We got lots of exposure and found new buyers for our art.  So, moral of the story is, when you find new and inventive ways to use social media to boost your client base and sales, definitely don’t be afraid to explore those new opportunities.

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