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These are The Teen Entrepeneurs Taking on the World
These are The Teen Entrepeneurs Taking on the World

The old saying that reads “it’s never too late to start,” is something many people truly live by. Whether it be traveling, starting a business, or perhaps heading off to university, there is no time limit to when you can start. In the same breath, there is no age limit to when you can start your own business – and for the following teens who have been leading the entrepreneurial world, we can perhaps take some inspiration from what they have done to become so successful.

Running and owning your own business, especially as a teenager can have its flaws and breakthroughs, but as many are looking to venture into the world of business in their mid-20s or  30s, starting sooner, rather than later might just give you the needed motivation to do so.

Teen entrepreneurs taking over the world

Logan Gullef

He might’ve won season 2 of MasterChef Junior back in 2016, but this now 18-year old started his line of spice blends back when he was only 14-years old. Today, “Logan’s Rub” has expanded to offer a wide variety of different spices for steaks, fish, chicken, and even specially designed for eggs. Not only does the young chef enjoy blending and mixing new herbs or spices, but he operates and underground support club, cooking up specialized dishes for small and intimate parties.

Isabella Dymalovski

At 14-years old, the now 18-year old Dymalovski started Luv Ur Skin. Her company is aiming at offering teenage girls a different alternative to harsh and commercialized skin-care products. The Luv Ur Skin range is all developed and produced with natural botanical ingredients and includes body lotions, moisturizers, and facial wash products to even make up.

Cory Nieves

This young and extremely ambitious teen saw his homemade cookies becoming a neighborhood and now a more local favorite. At age 12, the now 16-year old founded and established his homemade cookie business names Mr. Cory’s Cookies. So what’s his secret ingredient you might think? All of his cookies are made preservative-free, and obviously with lots of love. Some of his leading clients include Macy’s Citibank and Aetna.

Bella Tipping

If you’re a kid who got stuck with your parents in a small hotel room or perhaps an uptight restaurant because there wasn’t anything for you to do, then you might enjoy Tipping found back in 2016 when she was just 13-years old. The website is focused on how children can experience or enjoyed a certain restaurant, hotel, and other attractions based on how well it supports their needs. Think of it as the TripAdvisor for kids.

Shubham Banerjee

The impossible can be done, and when he was just 14-years old, Banerjee founded Braigo Labs. His company designs manufacture and distribute low-cost Braille printers. This means that visually impaired users can now download and automatically print text or content from the internet and have the printer translate it into Braille. Banerjee is now 18-years old.

Mikaila Ulmer

Ulmer might’ve thought that the traditional lemonade stand would just not do it for her. When Ulmer was 11-years old she created Me & the Bees a lemonade company that uses flaxseed and local raw honey. Her business has in the meantime grown and even retailers like Wholefoods and Wegmans now stock Me & the Bees lemonade. It’s good to know that a portion of her profits goes to NGO’s and NPO’S who dedicate efforts to save honeybees and honeybee production in the U.S.A.

Moziah “Mo” Bridges

If you think that there are limits to what a teenager can do, think again. Moziah Bridges or more well-known as Mo started Mo’s Bows back in 2016 when he was just 14-years old. Today the young adult has alone of colorful handmade ties and men’s accessories that are available in a variety of retail stores across the U.S.A. Even more, Mo’s Bows have become such a prominent fashion and accessories brand, that the young entrepreneur has partnered up with major retailers Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.

What are small business ideas for teens?

The sky is the limit, and there are no restrictions on the type of small business a teenager can start. It might not become a national sensation overnight, or it might not be the next big cookie or bow tie business the market needs. There are loads of great business ideas for teens, and if you put your mind, effort, and most importantly time into it, you can see your small business grow from being an idea to becoming a lucrative establishment.

Some business ideas for teens include music and language tutoring, swimming and sports lessons, soap making, jam business, social media marketing, live streaming business, or establishing an online Etsy store. To read more business ideas for teens, visit our informative guide.  

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