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How to Create Viral Memes with Some of the Best Meme Makers for Your Blog
How to Create Viral Memes with Some of the Best Meme Makers for Your Blog

As the popularity of social media just keeps on increasing, memes have as well. These humorous captions of random images keep on entertaining social media users around the world. Just for funsies, I tried to find a serious definition of memes.

Wikipedia says that it is a behavior, style, and idea that gets spread from person to person. But as memes are all about fun, I would also classify them, quite seriously of course, as packet of bytes to balance mood swings. The major purpose of a meme is just to spread laughter.

Benefits of posting memes on your blog:

There is no doubt memes can go viral in a few minutes; most of the die-hard meme fans can’t wait for the next, newest, freshest meme to share and blab about. This type of meme below is used to share an opinion but with a touch of sarcasm.

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Free Online Meme Makers for Your Blog:

1. Filmora FREE Online Meme Maker

This free online meme generator was just released on the market. Just as the title says, this is a free online meme maker which you can use on both Windows PC and Mac. Although you can also create video memes with the Filmora Video Editor  this meme creator is totally free to make images, gif and video memes,with no watermark in the output.

Just upload your file and paste the media URL to the editor, and then you can add meme quote texts in the image or outside of the image, and adjust its color, size and font as desired. If you are making memes from a video, you can trim the unwanted parts first and then add text. After the meme is created, you can download it to your computer directly.

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2. Imgur

Here is one of the top-rated meme generator websites, also recognized as the world’s best image hosting platforms. This meme generator tool is quite effective and interactive; even beginners will find it easy to use. You can simply pick any default background from the grid to create the desired meme or upload your own image to create something unique. Once the image is added to the tool, simply type your text on it, and Imgur allows you to share the created meme directly on a website.

You can also find hundreds of pre-made memes as well in the Imgur library.

3. Make a Meme:

Make a Meme is a super quick and simple to use platform for creating interesting memes that work well with your blog posts. All that you need to do is browse through the variety of thumbnails and pick the best one for your
meme background. Next customize your text to add the caption for the meme and then hit the preview button on the screen. If you find your meme good, simply share it on the desired platform. Marketing professionals rate this
tool high due to its easy to use a terminal and wide collection of thumbnails. You can every time find something unique to design a meme.

4. Imgflip:

Using Img Flip, you can drag and resize text boxes anywhere on the image; editing can be done on mobile handsets as well. This tool also allows users to customize fonts and create additional text boxes to add a new touch of
sarcasm to the meme. ImgFlip extends support to almost all website fonts, Mac fonts, and Window fonts while handling italic and bold text as well.

Users can easily rotate these memes, add custom images, scumbag hats, or develop meme chain by simply stalking multiple images together. The only sad fact about this tool is that it puts a watermark on all memes; however,
you can avoid that by switching to the professional version of the tool.

5. Meme Generator:

This website has achieved a higher rank on the list of best meme makers due to its cool tools that help to create memes instantly. It allows users to browse some of the best memes online and edit them to create something new.
Many bloggers prefer to use this app to create original content for their posts.

One of the major drawbacks of this tool is that it carries lots of advertisements that may annoy you during the meme creation process. Also, like most other meme creator websites, meme generator also puts a watermark on all memes that may appear little off-putting for blog posts.


If you are interested in making your blog posts more interesting, creating interesting and relevant memes is a pretty easy way to go. By using any of the above mentioned meme generator tools, you can share lots of funny but meaningful messages within your content. It can help you to generate higher engagement while diverting more traffic to your website.

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