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Reputation Management and SEO Rankings [CARTOON]
Reputation Management and SEO Rankings [CARTOON]

Many companies try to rank on search engines for any and every keyword.  A #1 ranking on Google is not necessarily a good thing if you are ranking for terms that are not congruent with your target audience, or even worse, ranking high for negative keywords about your industry.

Reputation management is not only an important thing to monitor on social networks, but for SEO rankings as well.  User experience across all channels of interactions, whether online, on the phone, or in-person, will have an impact on how people react to your brand.  If you are providing poor customer experience or sub-par content that is  irrelevant to your target customers, chances are they will talk about you negatively online.  Companies should have a handle on all of the terms they are ranking for and proactively address any causes of negative keywords.  Be sure to include SEO in your typical  reputation management process.

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  • Thanks for sharing this post! You have shared a very important article about the impact on negative keyword and SEO strategy. If a keyword is not getting proper rankings and it is affecting the reputation of the company then there must be strategy made to get back ranking with the help of SEO techniques.

  • Well, I have gone through the post and I have come across these
    types of issues of reputation management. Sometimes when negative or ugly
    keywords start ranking in search engines for any website it is very difficult
    to maintain the reputation as single negative thing against any website can
    ruin all the web presence and reputation of that website. So, it is highly
    needed to deal with this type of situations immediately before these make
    themselves big.

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    Thanks to post this article.

  • Caroline Murray

    This is great, and many times unaddressed, point. With so much chatter about choosing the right keywords and SEO strategy, the last thing we as communicators want to think about is ranking with ugly keywords. For SEO strategy to be truly effective, however, all the planned and unplanned rankings have to be addressed. 

    Caroline Murray
    Contributing Writer and Editor, Platform Magazine  | @platformmag:twitter 


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