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4 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Website Stand Out
4 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Website Stand Out

Using the Internet to Appeal to a New Generation of Buyers

With the technological age taking over, house hunting in the back of newspapers is over. Therefore, it is crucial your real estate website is up to date and accessible for the modern client.

Home movers want to search for their next dream home on their lunch break or during their morning commute. They want to share, and save properties for later, all at their fingertips; across multiple devices.

To make sure your company’s website stands out from the crowd and helps hand over countless keys, like the successful Lincoln Towers New York properties website. Take a look at our 4 top tips; you should follow when designing your website. 

Pictures & Videos 

It is paramount you include photos of the properties you are advertising. This way, clients can get a feel for if they like the property before committing any more time and effort into it. Clients enjoy visualizing the space if they can see where their sofa would fit; they are more likely to book a viewing. 

Home movers look for special features or design preferences. Including a video gives viewers a deeper initial feeling from the property without leaving their sofa. Viewers of a video are more likely to trust the size of the property and can understand the layout and flow of the rooms. 

Clear Interface Design 

There is nothing worse than scrolling through countless properties and having to click on each one to find out more. A clear interface that displays the location, price, and room counts will make the search effortless and enjoyable. 

Another issue that grinds the gears of home movers in shortlisting properties only to find out they are already rented or sold. Keep your website up to date and clearly display these changes for happy clients. 

Refined Searches 

It is essential that you have a refined search option. By doing this, you cut down your client’s search time, helping them move onto the next stage quickly. A filtered search should include location, price, and size, plus special features or keywords. So that home movers can find the perfect property for them. 

Without these search options, users may only spend a short time searching through properties until they get frustrated and move on. Older properties are more likely to get pushed to the bottom and go unviewed by the majority, decreasing your turn over rate. 

Featured Properties 

A featured property page is a perfect way to show off new properties on the market, must-see bargains, homes that need a little push, and houses out of the ordinary. A featured page intrigues client to view properties they may not consider initially. 

Do not use your featured page only for your most expensive and lavish properties. This will make the average client feel like your company is not appropriate for them, and like they are being overcharged. Think diverse and give your client a ‘wow’ moment. 


Design your website so that users can receive the most important up to date information without being bombarded. Keep is straightforward, factual, and easy to read. 

With high-quality images and videos to show off your properties, while giving them the screen time they deserve with featured pages and filters. Follow these tips to ensure your business moves with the times.

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