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Best Practices for Marketing in the Pandemic
Best Practices for Marketing in the Pandemic

The pandemic that has swept into everyone’s lives the past several months has also brought significant disruption to business and industry. Adaptability has become the name of the game in order to remain relevant and keep doors open. This has meant everything from changing business models to a workforce that is primarily making decisions from home. It has also changed how corporations market their products and services to a world acclimating to a new normal.

Prior to the start of the pandemic traditional marketing campaigns still prospered and creative ideas had little limitation. Now the situation is dynamic, and companies need to be in tune with both their customers and the world around them. Add to this the fact that a large portion of the affected population are millennials, who already were a driving force in how marketing concepts are perceived. There are several marketing best practices that should be used to stay in front of the current circumstances and come out stronger when it ends.

Be Aware

The environment has changed and your advertisements need to reflect that. While it’s not necessary to mention COVID-19 in every spot, ignoring it completely is not the right method either. Portraying large groups, crowds and close contact may seem hopeful but it could also alienate some. Your message should be that your products can adapt to the current circumstances just like everyone else has.

Change Platforms

If your marketing had a heavy basis in roadside billboards or other in-person visuals, then rethinking that strategy may be a necessity. With that type of traffic reduced for the foreseeable future, you need to consider other ways to reach audiences. This may mean trying something you’ve never done before. Social media platforms have a strong influence on consumers and that has never been truer than in the current climate. As Eyal Gutentag notes, “Performance marketing is about allocating dollars across various channels including television and online.”

Don’t Lose Touch

As revenue streams wane as the pandemic grinds on, reaching new customers – any customers – can become an obsessive task for any marketing professional. It’s important to realize that much of your existing customer base is still there but they may not be able to act as they once would. When the economic downturn swings back around and health concerns subside you still want those customers. Even if they aren’t buying right now, check in on previous consumers and let them know that you will be there for them when the time is right.

Monitor Trends

The pandemic has brought numerous challenges and forced an unforeseeable need to adapt, but don’t let it influence your goals completely. Keep your eye on the overall target as you change methods but track what those alterations have done for your company. You may find that an unplanned marketing transformation has occurred that has left you poised for strong growth and significant ROI as the world climbs out of the pandemic.  

Marketing efforts vary widely by industry and company size. One thing is certain for everyone though, and that is adapting to changing conditions is key over the next several months to a year.

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